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Changing Word Forms - Gap fill exercise - Last Update :

1 - Fill the gaps

Complete the gaps with the verb, noun and adjective forms of each word
  1. Several sales staff ____________ last year and didn't meet their targets.
  2. Smith and Turner ____________ the report
  3. We will ____________ our product as soon as we have completed the modifications.
  4. We
    ____________ the number of people who would buy our product in Asia.
  5. Because the company has been ____________ for years, we are close to bankruptcy.
  6. My ____________ was impossibly difficult, so I left the company.

2 - Fill the Gaps

From a very young age I had always wanted to be an
(1) ____________ ELECTRIC I made the
(2) ____________ DECIDE
to go to college and study so that I could get a good job. I learned some very
(3) ____________ VALUE
things form my tutors and they gave me a lot of very useful
(4) ____________ ADVISE.
Finally I left and applied for a job.
There were a hundred
(5) ____________ APPLY.
The company interviewed me, but they thought a lot of what I had learned at college was actually a bit
(6) ____________ RELEVANT.
At first, I wasn't too disappointed. I even found it a little
(7) ____________ AMUSE,
but I had no idea of the
(8) ____________ DIFFICULT
I would have in finding a job. It took six months! It seemed (9)
____________ FAIR
at the time, but I finally found
(10) ____________ EMPLOY
in my dream job, so I think I'm quite lucky.

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