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Changing Word Forms -ITY Nouns - Last Update :

1 - Parts of speech

Change verbs to nouns to adjectives to adverbs. Be careful of the word stress and use the correct prefixes and suffixes. Sometimes suffixes are used to change word forms. Eg. -ness, -ful, -ity, -able, -ing ...
Can you write two sentences using understandable and another two using understanding ?

Read this sentence. What part of speech are the highlighted words?
Her act combines the

grace and agility of a gymnast with the flexibility of a contortionist and the dexterity of a juggler.
Consider the suffixes of these words.
Example: -ISH (but not 'fish')
blue-ish green stones. When we describe something that does not exactly match an adjective, we use -ish This is commonly used when a colour is between two colours. If someone asks, "What colour is turquoise", you could answer "It is greenish blue" Note: the final colour takes the usual form.

2 - Turquoise Stones

Blue-ish green
  1. Which is greener, blue-ish green or greenish blue?
  2. Find two words ending in -ish where ish is this suffix and two words which incidentally end in -ish but this suffix is not present.
  3. responsible What's the difference in the meaning of responsible in these two sentences?
    1. He's a very responsible person.
    2. He's the person responsible for making all financial decisions.
  4. Homework Write a passage of 200-250 words, using as many of these suffixes as you can. Each time you include a word with a suffix correctly and sensibly, you score one point. Each grammar mistake loses a point.

3 - An A-Z of "-ity" Nouns words.

-ity is just one of many suffixes that form nouns. -ness , -ment and -tion are three others. Here is a list of nouns formed by the suffix "-ity".

ability, austerity, brutality, compatibility, dexterity, equality, elasticity, fragility, gravity, humidity, humility, generosity, identity, impunity, J ______ity , K _____ity, luminosity, maturity, nativity, necessity, popularity, prosperity, quality, quantity, reliability, rapidity, reality, stupidity, sanity, totality, transportability, tranquility, utility, varsity, validity, unity, volatility, workability, wearily, x___ity , y___ ity , z ____ ity.

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