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Changing Word Forms - Questions - Last Update :

1 - Questions

  1. Explain the difference between understandable and understanding.
Add a prefix to the words in brackets to form a word that fits in the space.
Think carefully about how to spell the words
un- dis- im- il- over- ir- under- anti- out- in-

  1. Selling tickets for more than their value is
    ____________ _____ (legal)
  2. It is
    ____________ for a manager to tell a coach what to do with the team (appropriate)
  3. He has to meet a lot of people but he hates it because he's very
    ____________ (social)
  4. He's so rude - my efforts to help him improve were completely
    ____________ (appreciated)
  5. They were
    ____________ from the match for cheating. (qualified)
  6. The Manchester fans
    ____________ the Chelsea fans by 2 to 1! (numbered)
  7. She's always boasting about what she's won - she's so
    ____________ (modest)
  8. I think top footballers are grossly
    ____________ (paid)

2 - More Questions

  1. What's the difference between anti-social and unsociable.
  2. What part of speech are unqualified and disqualified
  3. What prefix is more common with words beginning 'P' or 'M' to form a negative.

    Eg: It was impractical to shift the immovable object. It became totally impossible.

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