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In each of these sequences of three sentences, there is an unnecessary word in two of them. The first sequence has been done as an example.
  1. a) He has done a good work since he joined the firm. __ a__
    b) He has done a lot of good work since he joined the firm. __ OK __
    c) He has not been in a good health recently. __ a__

  2. a)The research they have done it proved nothing. ____________
    b) Who was it that said that they were wasting their time? ____________
    c) What's surprising is that the Government it has given them more money. ____________

  3. a) My daughter is only 16,so she's still at the school. ____________
    b) I've always been interested in the education. ____________
    c) I'm very concerned about the education of my children. ____________

  4. a) They are both very popular records. ____________
    b) Both are records will be very popular. ____________
    c) They come from the Woodstock festival, both are being recorded there. ____________

  5. a) I was waiting on the platform for the train to arrive. ____________
    b) I was at the station for to catch the train to Lyons. ____________
    c) I asked him if it was the train for going there. ____________

  6. a) They've sold their house and been moved to another part of the city. ____________
    b) I've not often been moved to tears by a song, but that one really affected me. ____________
    c) Having been moved the furniture, I found I had more space in the living-room. ____________

  7. a) I don't often see him these days because he lives a so long way away. ____________
    b) It's a new car and is so in a good state of repair. ____________
    c) I felt so tired that I could not continue in the race. ____________

  8. a) I object to the Government spending my money on things I don't approve of. ____________
    b) The prime Minister has offered to her a place in the Government. ____________
    c) If she accepts,they will make her to sign the Official Secrets Act. ____________

  9. a) She was not allowed to smoke on the flight. ____________
    b) She was not allowed to smoke, the which annoyed her. ____________
    c) The smoking is strictly prohibited on board. ____________

  10. a) Most of people around her were born here. ____________
    b) Most of my relations were born here. ____________
    c) He's the farmer who owns most of land around here. ____________

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