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In most lines of the text, there is one unnecessary word. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text. How many unnecessary words can you find

  1. A British scientist is proposing a mission in order ____________ to track down the
  2. 'missing link' between human beings and our closest living relative, the
  3. chimpanzee. Dr Sydney Brenner ____________ believes it will be possible to discover
  4. the last of our common ancestors in the genes of man and chimpanzee. A
  5. comparison of their DNA should reveal the physical characteristics of this
  6. ancestor, which ____________ became extinct millions of years ago. Instead of searching
  7. for bones or ____________ fossil remains of the mysterious hominid, scientists should be
  8. able to reconstruct ____________ humanity's ultimate progenitor by analysing
  9. the sequence of genetic letters that make up the DNA of its descendants. 'The
  10. time has come,' ____________ says Dr Brenner, 'to use computers to rebuilt a creature
  11. from which humans and chimpanzees ____________ both originated.' The DNA
  12. sequences of any ____________ two humans differ from each other in one or two letters of
  13. every 1,000. In a chimpanzee, the number of differences ____________ rises to about 10.
  14. Many of these differences will be neutral since ____________ they occur in positions
  15. where they have no effect on what a chimpanzee or human looks like. If we
  16. could discover the differences that do count, however, we might be able to
  17. reconstruct our common ancestor and so find out what ____________ mutations
  18. occurred during the course of evolution to separate the species.

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