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Annoying modal verbs

Kiki says, lets practice modal verbs. Sometimes you can use not just one modal verb. Can is particularly flexible and is often used where may fits in a more formal way
  1. It was really annoying;
    I ____________ get access to the data bank you had recommended.
    1. wouldn’t
    2. couldn’t
    3. shouldn’t
    4. needn’t
  2. It was so noisy that we ____________ hear ourselves speak.
    1. couldn’t
    2. shouldn’t
    3. mustn’t
    4. needn’t
  3. ____________ I have a word with you? It won’t take long.
    1. Can
    2. Must
    3. Shall
    4. Should
  4. Peter ____________ be really difficult even though he’s nice person in general.
    1. shall
    2. should
    3. can
    4. must
  5. George ____________ too far. His coffee is still warm.
    1. must have gone
    2. might have gone
    3. can’t have gone
    4. needn’t have gone
  6. We ____________ the difficulty together, but why didn’t you tell me?
    1. should face
    2. might face
    3. could have faced
    4. must have faced
  7. ____________ I take the book out? I am afraid not.
    1. will
    2. May
    3. must
    4. need
  8. Helen ____________ go on the trip with us, but she isn’t quite sure.
  9. It is usually warm in my hometown in March, but it ____________ be rather cold sometimes.
  10. My sister met him at the theatre last night, so he ____________ have attended your lecture.
  11. If you ____________ go, at least wait until the storm is over.
  12. Might I use your car? Yes, of course you ____________
  13. May I turn up the TV a little? Sorry, you ____________ . You will wake the baby up.
  14. Could I use your computer while you are out? Of course you . ____________
  15. Must he come to sign this paper himself? Yes, he ____________ .
  16. Is John coming by bus? He should, but he ____________ . He likes riding his bike.
  17. Isn’t that your teacher over there? No. It ____________ be him. I am sure he doesn’t wear glasses.

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