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D'Lambley Exhibition

Read the text below. use the words in the brackets to form a word which fits in the gap. This weeks sees the long (1) ____________ (wait) opening of the D'Lambley Exhibition at the prestigious price Gallery. An (2) ____________ (impress) collection of over one hundred sketches and painting by the 18th century artist, Francis D'Lambley, will be featured. Celebrated for his characteristic technique in the use of oils, D'Lambley is (3) ____________ (universe) recognised as the finest landscapist of his era. On loan from the American collector, P S Carnegie, this showing will allow art connoisseurs their first opportunity to view D'Lambley's body of work in its (4) ____________ (entire). Although all the paintings are (5) ____________ (except) in their own right, the highlight of the exhibition is, (6) ____________ (doubt) , Fountain in Moonlight, an oil which recently underwent (7) ____________ (extend) restoration. Fountain, wich is considered to be D'Lambley's masterpiece, was acquired by Carnegie at an (8) ____________ (exclude) auction early last year.

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