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Letter from a friend

For question 1-14, read the informal letter from a friend to a university student who wants to obtain a temporary summer job in a hospital.
use the information in it to complete the formal letter to the personnel Officer of the hospital.
The words you need do not occur in the informal letter. use no more than two words for each gap.

Dear Anita,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've found out what you should do about getting a temporary job at the hospital.
Write to the personnel Officer; his name is Mr I. Cooper. Tell him that you're looking for a temporary summer job and that you're wondering whether they need anyone. Mention that I suggested you write to him - I know him fairly well.
Of course, he knows me as Dr Ferguson.
Tell him what you're doing now - you know, that you've been a student for about eighteen months - and that you'd really like to work in a hospital in your holiday because you've decided to become a hospital doctor when you get your degree.
Since you haven't done that sort of work before, you'd better tell him that you really want to learn and that you'll take anything they offer you. It may mean being a general assistant on a ward - It's really hard work and there won't be much money in it, I'm afraid.
I think you ought to put in your school certificates and your latest exam results from university because he'll probably want to see them. I wouldn't send the originals, though - you don't want them to get lost. And tell him that you'll send him any other info about yourself that he might want.
Finish the letter off by telling him where he can get in touch with you - you'll be at that address until mid-June, won't you?
Anyway, I must get back to work now.


Letter to personnel Officer

Mr I. Cooper
personnel Manager
Archway Hospital
____________________________ 28, Highfield place

14 January 2000

Tel: 936574

Dear Sir,

I am writing to (1)
Login please   ____________   X
whether you have any (2)
Login please   ____________   X
for temporary work. I have been (3)
Login please   ____________   X
to write to you by Dr James Ferguson.

At (4)
Login please   ____________   X
I am a second year student at university, taking a degree course (5)
Login please   ____________   X
, and I would very (6)
Login please   ____________   X
the opportunity to work in a hospital during my vacation, as it is my intention to become a hospital doctor when I (7)
Login please   ____________   X

Although I have not as yet had any (8)
Login please   ____________   X
this type of work, I am very keen to learn and would be willing to (9)
Login please   ____________   X
any job you may be able to offer me. I would, for example, be quite prepared to work as a general ward assistant, although I realise it would not be very (10)
Login please   ____________   X

I (11)
Login please   ____________   X
photocopies of my school certificates and of my most (12)
Login please   ____________   X
examination results at university. Should you require any further (13)
Login please   ____________   X
, I will be happy to send them to you. I can be (14)
Login please   ____________   X
until the middle of June at the above address and telephone number. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully

Anita Smithson

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