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1 Mind the gap!! In most lines of the following text, there is one unnecessary word. It is either grammatically incorrect or does no fit in with the sense of the text.

  1. The London Underground has been much in the news recently, first when
  2. access to the line to the Millennium Dome
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    was restricted at the opening
  3. ceremony to the prime Minister and his entourage, and afterwards when it
  4. became a bone of contention between candidates in an election that took
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  5. place for the post of Mayor. Despite travellers' complaints, the fact remains
  6. that with road traffic in the city hardly able to move, there is no better way of
  7. getting
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    from one place to another. The first line was opened in 1863 but the
  8. system soon grew
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    to be the second largest in the world, after the New York
  9. Metro. The trains ran along tunnels constructed by digging a deep trench,
  10. filling the sides with
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    brick and then covering it over. perhaps the most
  11. exciting innovation on the underground, though,
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    was the first escalator,
  12. installed at Earls Court in 1911. The moving staircase was an American
  13. invention and had been operating for a
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    number of years in stores and at
  14. exhibitions but the authorities were rather doubtful whether most
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  15. would make
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    use of it. In order to reassure travellers, they employed a
  16. man with a wooden leg to ride up and down on it all
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    day long to show
  17. them how safe it was. They need not have worried. It soon proved so
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  18. popular that people went down it just for the pleasure of coming up again!

The London underground

London underground

London underground

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