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Mobile Girls

Read the text below and then decide which word (A, B, C or D) best fits each space. The exercise begins with an example (0). HELP ALWAYS AT HAND: A MOBILE IS A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND If it fits inside a pocket, keeps you (0).A. as well as in touch with your office, your mother and your children, it is (1) ____________ worth having. This is the (2) ____________ of the (3) ____________ ranks of female mobile-phone users who are beginning to (4) ____________ the consumer market. Although Britain has been (5) ____________ to be one of the most expensive places in the world to (6) ____________ a mobile phone, both professional women and (7) ____________ mothers are undeterred. At first, the mobile phone was a rich man's plaything, or a businessman's (8) ____________ symbol. Now women own almost as many telephones as men do - but for very different reasons. The main (9) ____________ for most women customers is that it (10) ____________ a form of communications back-up, wherever they are, in case of (11) ____________ James Tanner of Tancroft Communications says: 'The (12) ____________ of people buying phones from us this year were women - often young women - or men who were buying for their mothers, wives and girlfriends. And it always seems to be a question of (13) ____________ of mind. 'Size is also (14) ____________ for women. They want something that will fit in a handbag,' said Mr Tanner. 'The tiny phones coming in are having a very big (15) ____________ This year's models are only half the size of your hand.'

Use two words to complete each of the advanced future verb forms in these sentences. EXAMPLE: We'd better hurry. The film is due to start in five minutes.

  1. I'm on the ____________ ringing the police about all the noise those people are making.
  2. All those taking part in the parade ____________ meet outside the main building at four o'clock.
  3. You've been away so you won't ____________ about what happened in the meeting.
  4. By the end of the year the number of people using mobile phones will ____________ by 2%.
  5. It won't be long before we'll all ____________ the Internet to buy our groceries instead of going to the supermarket.
  6. Will you ____________ immediately after the conference or could you spare a few minutes to talk to reporters?
  7. They ____________ about ____________ launch their new software package and everyone is very excited.

Choose between the alternatives to complete these sentences.

  1. He's in his early fifties but he still takes a childlike/childish delight in many aspects of life.
  2. She very seldom loses/looses her temper.
  3. The actress Greta Garbo was always saying that she wanted to be alone/lonely.
  4. She had been working really hard/hardly and needed a holiday.
  5. Would you mind if I changed the canal/channel?
  6. The painting in the Louvre may be a priceless/worthless fake.
  7. It's important to get there early especially specially if you want a good view of the parade.
  1. safe
  2. secure
  3. guarded
  4. protected
  1. totally
  2. certainly
  3. absolutely
  4. completely
  1. vision
  2. vista
  3. view
  4. panorama
  1. swelling
  2. increasing
  3. boosting
  4. maximising
  1. master
  2. dominate
  3. overbear
  4. command
  1. demonstrated
  2. shown
  3. established
  4. seen
  1. function
  2. drive
  3. work
  4. run
  1. complete
  2. total
  3. full-time
  4. absolute
  1. prestige
  2. fame
  3. power
  4. status
  1. attraction
  2. enticement
  3. charm
  4. lure
  1. supplies
  2. furnishes
  3. provides
  4. gives
  1. urgency
  2. emergency
  3. predicament
  4. contingency
  1. most
  2. preponderance
  3. majority
  4. bulk
  1. tranquillity
  2. calmness
  3. serenity
  4. peace
  1. crucial
  2. necessary
  3. urgent
  4. essential
  1. impact
  2. impression
  3. perception
  4. image

word formation

Read the two texts. Use the words in the boxes to the right of the texts to form one word that fits in the same numbered space in the text. Write the word in the space. The exercise begins with an example (0).

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