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Modals Alison

Practice the Advanced Exam with these Mock Tests. See how you do before the real exam.
Fill in the gaps in this letter using one of the modal verbs in the box. You may need to use them more than once.
can - might/may - can't - should - must Dear Alison

I have just opened your letter. You said you sent one before but it (1) ____________ have got lost in the post! The garage also delivered your little present. You (2) ____________ not have spent so much money on me. It's absolutely ridiculous. In fact, you (3) ____________ not have bothered as I already have a Porsche! I (4) ____________ possibly accept it and have asked them to return it to you. You (5) ____________ try to be reasonable, Alison. You (6) ____________ possibly be in love with me as you claim to be. You don't know me at all and (7) ____________ possibly have any idea what I'm like. If you got to know me, you (8) ____________ even find you didn't like me at all. I (9) ____________ be quite irritating sometimes, I promise you. I'm afraid I (10) ____________ ask you not to write to me again. This (11) ____________ seem harsh but that's the way it (12) ____________ be.



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