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Idiomatic Noun Phrases in English

Match the beginnings and endings of these noun phrases, then match each phrase to the meaning

1 Vocabulary: noun collocations (with "of")

Connect a noun with a phrase : Copy each noun and enter the noun against each phrase. Click each noun to look up in the dictionary
opinion     wisdom    rubbish    endearment     gold     truth     contradiction     concentration     the tongue     time     failure.
  1. a grain of ____________
  2. pearls of ____________
  3. a load of ____________
  4. a slip of ____________
  5. a difference of ____________
  6. a heart of ____________
  7. a lapse of ____________
  8. a term of ____________
  9. the price of ____________
  10. (without) fear of ____________
  11. a question of ____________

2 - Do you know what they mean ?

Finish each sentence to show that you understand the meaning.
  1. Be very kind. He has a ____________
  2. A small amount of truth. A grain of ____________
  3. The consequence of not succeeding. The price of ____________
  4. A slight disagreement. A difference of ____________
  5. When it is necessary to wait for something. It's a question of ____________
  6. Something you say when you mean to say something else. A slip of the ____________
  7. A way you address someone you love A term of ____________
  8. Sure that no one else will say you are wrong. Without fear of ____________
  9. A short time when someone is careless or forgetful. A lapse of ____________
  10. To say something is complete nonsense or stupid (spoken informal) A load of ____________
  11. Wise remarks (often used jokingly to mean slightly stupid remarks) . Pearls of ____________

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