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Correct Noun Phrase Forms

1 Types of Noun Phrase

Check each sentence uses the correct noun phrase form.

2 Which is correct?

Select the correct alternative in each case.
  1. Is that your friend/friend's car? ____________
  2. Do you like watching horse/horses races? ____________
  3. Could you pass me the bath's/bath towel? ____________
  4. Would you like some mint tea/tea of mint? ____________
  5. It was essentially a lost violin film/ film about a lost violin. ____________
  6. There are lots of kitchen's/kitchen cupboards in the new house. ____________
  7. Have you got a timetable of trains/ train timetable? ____________
  8. Look! There's a bird's nest/nest of birds in that hedge. ____________
  9. This sweater is made of lamb's wool/ lamb wool. ____________
  10. Has anyone seen a large matches box /box of matches? ____________
  11. Can you hear a child's/child voice? ____________
  12. There won't ever be a tax on educational books/an educational books tax. ____________
  13. Please pass me that wood / wooden spoon. ____________

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