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Form a Compound Noun

1 Types of Noun Phrase

Form an appropriate compound noun using the word in brackets
  1. I had terrible ____________ before I gave that talk in Venice. (flies)
  2. The world ____________ will be held in Scotland next year. (ship)
  3. This ____________ provides you with some of the most entrancing views. (side)
  4. If the antenna is unbalanced, a radial system or ____________ is necessary for operation. (counter)
  5. playground ____________ come under the Department of Health and Safety. (lines)
  6. She treated us with the friendly professionalism that has become her ____________ . (mark)
  7. When riding a bicycle, you should wear the proper ____________ . (head)
  8. He felt that moving out from his parents' home was a real ____________ in his life. (stone)
  9. A crowd of curious ____________ soon gathered to see what was happening. (on)
  10. The stables and other ____________ were sold together with the main house. (buildings)
  11. It's too early to predict the ____________ of the meeting. (out)
  12. The disk has built-in ____________ to prevent certain errors. (guards)
  13. Paula went to the Royal College of Music on a ____________ . (ship)
  14. The company secretary has written to all the ____________ to apologise for the mistake. (share)
  15. I thought her speech had slightly sinister ____________ . (under)

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