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Radio Report

Radio Report

Image You will hear a recording of a radio sports report. For question 1-9, complete the notes. You will need to write a number, a letter or a few words.

Football results

  1. England ____________ South Korea ____________
  2. Germany ____________ Costa Rica ____________
  3. Holland ____________ USA ____________
  4. Argentina ____________ Austria ____________
  5. Italy ____________ Lithuania ____________


Has a fight between Manuel Fernandez and Barry Jason definitely been arranged? (Write yes/no) ____________


Who won last year's European title?
  1. Philip Johnston
  2. Bruce Chappell
  3. Christian Bernhard
8) Why is Christian Bernhard not playing in this year's competition? ____________


9) How many time has Marina Stieff already won the Tournament ____________ ?
Sound file script
Good morning. Peter Gordon has stolen the headlines again after scoring four goals in England's five-nil defeat of South Korea in the second round of the World Cup Competition. Fellow England player Graham Lasky got the fifth goal. Elsewhere the cupholders Germany scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes to beat Costa Rica four-one. Holland beat the USA five-nil, and Argentina scored two late goals to beat Austria three-one. Two players were sent off in Italy's two-nil defeat of Lithuania, Robert Rinaldi and Petris Kezys both taking early showers. On the boxing now. The manager of British heavyweight Barry Jason has played down reports that he's to fight Mexican Manuel Fernandez next year. Fernandez, who beat Rocky Cavallini at the London Arena on Tuesday said he'll fight Jason early next year but Jason's manager Dicky Clough said the fight is unlikely to take place.

In golf, Brucke Chappell defends his European Open title at the St Andrew's course in Scotland. Carrying the Australian's golf clubs for him today will be 18-year-old Philip Johnston, the Junior Champion at St Andrew's. Christian Benhardt misses that tournament because of a wrist injury but you can hear full reports from St Andrew's throughout the day here on Radio 5. Tennis. World number one Marina Stieff has entered the Midland Bank Tournament at Brighton later this month. She'll be aiming for a record-breaking fourth triumph and is already favourite to take the first place.
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