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Oh, talking of revenge, I read about ____________ great one once. There was this girl, she'd been dumped by her boyfriend, cause he'd decided he'd gone off her and he told her to move her things out of his flat before he got back from (1) ____________ business trip. I think he was going to (2) ____________ States for a month or something. Anyway, she moves her stuff out straightaway but before she leaves, she picks up (3) ____________ phone off (4) ____________ hook while (5) ____________ clock goes on speaking (6) ____________ time to an empty flat. "At (7) ____________ third stroke, it'll be ten twenty-five and thirty seconds" So (8) ____________ boyfriend finds it when he returns four weeks later. You can imagine what (9) ____________ bill was like after (10) ____________ solid month of phone calls. Even a local rates, it'd be huge! That must have been really satisfying for (11) ____________ dumped girl!

That will teach him a lesson


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