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Sentence Structure

Check this lesson on you tube Copy the word or phrase into the gap that best completes each sentence. 
  1. Her boyfriend has an impressive ____________  of German. 
    A) smattering   B) knowing     C) acquaintance     D) command 
  2. My niece claims to be a(n) ____________  vegetarian. 
    A)  firm       B) devout     C) unshakeable     D) strict 
  3. I'm a ____________ supporter of proportional representation. 
    A)    confirmed    B) strict    C) practising    D) staunch 
  4. I know Thessaloniki like the back of my ____________
    A) hand     B) head     C) book     D) wardrobe 
  5. I've read that report so many times I feel I know it ____________
    A) forwards     B) backwards     C) sideways    D) upside down 
  6. I think we've kept everybody in the ____________   about the arrangements for far too long. 
    A) gloom     B) dusk     C) dark D) night 
  7. To my ____________ , winter is a daft time to go on holiday. 
    A) opinion    B) belief    C) view    D) mind 
  8. This class seems to have only a ____________   knowledge of what they are supposed to achieve. 
    A)  smattering     B) rudimentary     C) comprehensive     D) faded 
  9. Actually, I'm starting to ____________  the hang of this game. 
    A) get     B) achieve     C) obtain     D) keep 
  10. Carolyn is not really well ____________ with office procedures. 
    A) dressed     B) versed     C) acquainted     D) done 
  11. To my ____________  knowledge, he has no previous convictions. 
    A) certain     B) absolute     C) complete     D) definite 
  12. I really think there is no ____________  of her continuing to work here. 
    A doubt B question C uncertainty D response 
  13. I have every ____________ in your ability to succeed. 
    A confidence B trust C belief D persuasion 
  14. The weaker side managed to ____________ over the league champions. 
    A compete B cheat C prevail D culminate 
  15. Everybody was ____________ about the latest production the at National Theatre. 
    A revelling B triumphing C delighting D raving 
  16. I really can't believe that anyone here would ____________ in such shady dealings. 
    A dabble B stoop C reach D conceive 
  17. The current team are of a remarkably high ____________ , despite injury problems. 
    A shape B standard C spirit D terrn 
  18. The government was forced to introduce ____________ on the sale of such controversial videos. 
    A preventions B provisions C safeguards D curbs 
  19. I think everyone should be ____________ with the way office machinery works. 
    A conversant B mindful C answerable D attuned 
  20. Your participation is ____________ of the way we seek to involve everybody in our plans. 
    A dependent B indicative C desirous D integral 

Fill each the of blanks with a suitable word

  1. What ____________  doing with yourself over the last couple of days?
  2. I ____________  to fix the engine all morning, but finally managed it just before midnight.
  3. Next summer, I ____________   living here for ten years. 
  4. He claimed ____________  meaning to tell me about it but just forgot.
  5. I was ____________   asking her if she'd like to come to the pub with us tonight.

Problem tenses

Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar in meaning as possible to the sentence printed before it.

  1. Most of us became salesmen when we left university.

    Most of us have ____________

  2. Our current manager started working here ten years ago.

    Our current manager has ____________

  3. I haven't heard from Sarah for a couple of months.

    The last ____________

  4. I used to find computers difficult before I started taking these lessons.

    Since ____________

  5. Michael Owen is the best player I've seen so far in

    I've yet ____________

Fill each the of blanks with a suitable word or phrase

EXAMPLE:  _______  ! We're going to hit the car in front!

ANSWER:  Look out! We're going to hit the car in front!   (Sometimes there may be other possible correct answers. Just make a good correct sentence)

  1. By December, he'll ____________ working there for eighteen months.
  2. At this rate, we're ____________ be exhausted by the time we finish this competition.
  3. The minute the train ____________ standstill, get on and try to find a seat.

Fill each the of blanks with a suitable word or phrase. EXAMPLE: AS soon as he saw what had happened, he switched off the electricity.

  1. They claim to be virtually ____________ on achieving everything they out set to do.
  2. We were just about ____________ the house when Sue
  3. When I started working for this company, I ____________ an architect six for years.
  4. She'd ____________ studying marine biology but she finally decided on geography.
  5. They ____________ on the road for mere a five minutes when they had a puncture.
  6. It's almost half past I nine: would think they ____________ got there by now.
  7. My intention ____________ is finished my studies by June.

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