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Art Worth Waiting For

Find the missing words in the article. use only one word for each space.

Several major newspapers recently reported (1) ____________ a masterpiece painted by J M W Turner is finally going to (2) ____________ exhibited in Manchester. As it turns out, the oil painting, entitled Rockets and Blue Lights, has (3) ____________ history as controversial as that of the artist (4) ____________ created it.

J M W Turner, more commonly referred (5) ____________ as Turner, was born in London in 1775. A largely self-taught artist, Turner (6) ____________ walk up to 25 miles a day in search of subjects to sketch.
(7) ____________ he was considered unsociable and morose by his peers, the art world could not ignore (8) ____________ tremendous talent. Highly prolific, Turner produced more (9) ____________ 20,000 paintings and drawings in his lifetime. When he was (10) ____________ his fifties, Turner's style became markedly different, prompting critics to accuse him (11) ____________ becoming an impressionist.

Turner's Rockets and Blue Light came out of this period. In 1857, (12) ____________ being transported to a Manchester exhibition, the painting was extensively damaged. (13) ____________ is said that, while it was undergoing restoration, a boat was added to the original subject. Whatever the case, (14) ____________ nearly 146 years, Mancunians will finally get to see the painting (15) ____________ the Manchester Art Gallery opens its Turner Exhibition (16) ____________ week.

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