Chapter - 1

Book of WordTies

Never learn a word in isolation. Always learn phrases and collocations that use the word naturally. Take a whole day to study a single word. Even if the word is "one"!!!!
Badger me to make YouTube videos, one for eachword!!!

Chapter - 2


  1. One , two , three ..
  2. You are the one and only ...
  3. One for you , one for me
  4. The best one
  5. Only one left


  1. Two heads are better than one.
  2. It takes two to tango
  3. One two, buckle my shoe
  4. You two make a nice couple
  5. Two twos are four
  6. the two of spades

Three times

  1. Three threes are nine
  2. Two's company, three's a crowd
  3. A three-course meal
  4. Once, twice, three times
  5. On platform three
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