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Exercise 19.3

Fill each of the gaps in this passage with one suitable word.
  1. "When did you really begin to feel at home here?" Paul asked. "Oh, you've ____________ me there!" John replied.
  2. "Let's just say you won't feel you truly belong until you've ____________ out with your colleagues and then made it up several times."
  3. Over the summer I've ____________ it with all of them countless times, often over quite trivial things.
  4. I've lost ____________ of the times I've said to myself
  5. That's it I've had ____________ ! But I come back the next day, time after time.
  6. I've often ____________ why I do. As far as the boss goes, just wait until you make a major mistake.
  7. Your colleagues will go "Oooh, now you've ____________ it!" or "Um, that's ____________ it!", and the boss comes in and just smiles at you.
  8. Then you'll know you've ____________ it.
  9. Then you'll definitely have ____________ .

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