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Exercise 21.1

Copy and paste a sentence ending into each gap so that the sentence is correct. Example: 0 + i =>
0) After I'd finished teaching earlier that morning
  1. He told me that ____________
  2. I asked him ____________
  3. He explained how a young man ____________
  4. John had immediately assumed ____________
  5. So, before the young man had had a chance to say anything ____________
  6. John, who was in a terrible hurry, then left the man to it, ____________
  7. It wasn't until he returned ten minutes later ____________
  8. He was actually a school inspector ____________
  1. and had come to ensure that the school was run efficiently.
  2. he had made a terrible mistake.
  3. that he wanted to enrol as a student.
  4. had come to reception.
  5. that the man was able to explain there had been a misunderstanding.
  6. what had happened.
  7. John had given him an application form.
  8. wondering why he looked so puzzled.
  9. I found John standing outside my classroom.

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