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Leon Wooldridge - Exercise 30.3

Fill each of the gaps with one suitable word
Many towns and cities around the world (1) ____________ up a particular image or memory as soon as they (2) ____________ mentioned. whether it is due to a catastrophic earthquake that shattered it, an aeroplane that came down just outside it, or a madman with a gun (3) ____________ amok through the streets on the dim and (4) ____________ past. Glastonbury is now established as (5) ____________ to this group. Have you been to Giastonbury? will rarely be a query as to whether you have (6) ____________ passed through the town on your travels. Almost certainly it will be a reference to the twenty-odd-year-old Festival of Music whose home it is. What is (7) ____________ in the media as 'an Instant town the size of Oxford' appears there few three days in late lime and (8) ____________ inhabited by around 100.000 people. most of whom will have (9) ____________ up to £100 a ticket for the privilege. In the last year or so, a sometimes quite heated argument has (10) ____________ out along the lines of "Aren't you too old for Glaslonbury?" As we milled yesterday amongst the crowds, opinion seemed evenly divided. Never (11) ____________ been to such a fistival before, 19-year-old Georgina Smith failed to see why 40-somethings who (12) ____________ had their day should spoil things for people like her who 13) ____________ going to Glastonbury for the first time. She suspected the former would be (14) ____________ like mad for middle-aged has-beens" and ignore up-and-coming young bands who had (15) ____________ to break into the big time. On the other hand, reformed hippie and university lecturer, Dan Stone. Dented out that it was his generation who had (16) ____________ Glastonbury on the map. There had (17) ____________ nothing like it before, and he failed to see why they could not follow through what they had (18) ____________ in the late seventies. The Festival's future and its ethos seem uncertain. Will grandfathers still (19) ____________ attending in ten years' time, or will they 20) ____________ been barred in the interests of today's (and tomorrow's) music?
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