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Ex. 35.1

Fill each of the gaps in the following sentences with one of the passive verb phrases below.
is deemed, could soon be fitted, were charged, has been held
has finally been elected, is expected, being caused,
to be printed, is auctioned, being considered
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  1. High-tech 'leg-irons' ____________ on violent suspects arrested by the police,
    under plans ____________ by chief constables.
  2. Last week, police in Scotland called for the introduction of
    leg-restraints following concerns about the number of
    injuries ____________ during struggles in the back of police cars and vans.
  3. Four people ____________ last night with public disorder offences
    after officers mounted dawn raids on suspected football hooligans.
    Hugh Hefner, founder of 'Playboy', ____________ to the American Society of
    Magazine Editors' Hall of Fame.
  4. A first edition copy of Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales', the first book in England,
    to raise at least £500,000 when it ____________ in July.
  5. A British woman released early from an attempted murder sentence in
    the Unites States ____________ a charge which she has always denied ____________ prison
    because she ____________ an illegal immigrant.

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