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Article practice - (G)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

Add the definite or indefinite article to the following titles, titles of occupation, social, political and religious expressions where necessary.

  1. Trafalgar Square is one of the largest and best-known squares in London. It is named after ____________ Admiral Nelson's victory at Cape Trafalgar.
  2. Sheila Anderson's father was ____________ acrobat in a famous circus, which travelled all over England.
  3. The Queen was crowned, like her predecessors, by ____________ Archbishop of Canterbury in Westminster Abbey.
  4. The committee appointed Mr Stevens ____________ chairman.
  5. ____________ Chairman of the House of Commons is ____________ Speaker.
  6. Who's ____________ boss here?
  7. Jimmy Carter was ____________ Baptist preacher.
  8. ____________ Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov had shown that a space-suited man could survive in space and ____________ Astronaut Edward White demonstrated that he could maneuver freely in it.
  9. To be ____________ barrister a man must be a member of one of the four Inns of Court and pass the Bar examination.
  10. ____________ Archbishop Crammer, author of some of our most magnificent collects, was publicly burned alive at Oxford.
  11. ____________ Lord Chancellor of England presides over the debates from his position on the Woolsack - a red cloth couch stuffed with wool.
  12. He was promoted to the rank of ____________ colonel.
  13. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, it would be true to say that there were really only two parties: first, ____________ Whigs and ____________ Tories, then, ____________ Liberals and ____________ Conservatives.
  14. The great length of the medical training does not necessarily make it difficult for a poor man to become ____________ doctor, because medical students, like other students, may receive grants to cover the cost of their studies.
  15. He was a commonplace, mean-looking man who might have been ____________ engineer or technician of some kind.
  16. These days it is quite usual for the office of ____________ mayor or ____________ lord mayor to be held by a woman, as many women are elected in their own right to local councils.
  17. ____________ Lord Mayor of London is the chief officer of this small area only, presiding over the needs of 4,000 inhabitants while ____________ Chairman of the Greater London Council deals with 7 million.
  18. Each year the taxes are authorised by a Finance Act, which is based on the budget presented by ____________ Chancellor of the Exchequer in April.
  19. It is almost impossible to be elected without being ____________ Republican or ____________ Democrat, but the need to work with one of these parties does not force a man to adopt their policies.

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