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Exercise 21.3

Rewrite this letter with eight errors corrected. An error has already been corrected. Dear Sir

I had recently been on a two-week holiday with your company to the island of Thassos. I am sorry to have said say that it was the worst holiday I've ever had. Over the years I went on many holidays to Greece, a country I have now come to know quite well. I think I can safely say that, until this year, all of those holidays were wonderful. For example I have once spent six weeks on Crete, which I had not visited before. I had loved that holiday so much that I returned every spring for the last four years. This year, however, was different. I honestly consider this to had been the worst holiday of my life. This is not the fault of Thassos: the fault lies entirely with your company whose inability to organise the simplest thing is quite unbelievable. As both the outward and return flights have been delayed for several hours, there was nobody to meet us at the airport or transfer us to our hotel, and when we eventually did reach the hotel, we discovered it had been built over a mile from the beach. Reading your brochure carefully, we feel this was not what we have expected.

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