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Exercise 23.1

Multiple choice vocabulary
0 Tick (✓ the correct sentence, a or b. Example: Which sentence would be said after one particular meal?
  1. I've eaten too much. ✓
  2. I've been eating too much.
  1. Which sentence refers to a temporary you're sitting Z. situation? in my seat.
    1. That lamp sits on that table over there.
    2. You're sitting in my seat.
  2. Which activity is probably not completed?
    1. I've been writing this essay all evening.
    2. I've written to him asking for an appointment.
  3. Which is a gradual process?
    1. The increase in traffic noise is becoming a real nuisance.
    2. John becomes President of Oxford Rotary Club in July.
  4. Which would you say when you look out of the window early one morning?
    1. It's been raining.
    2. It was raining.
  5. Which is a more certain plan?
    1. I was thinking of spending the weekend at my sister's.
    2. I'm planning to spend the weekend at my sister's.
  6. You saw a colleague waiting for a bus on your way to work. Which would you say to your other colleagues when you get to the office to explain why she was there?
    1. She might have gone to see her dentist.
    2. She might have been going to see her dentist.
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