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Call it a day

Burn the candle at both ends
To call it a day, to stop working - often said when the workers
feel they have done enough for one day.
It could also mean that it would be better to put an end to an arrangement .

"I suggested to my partner that since we didn't agree we should call it a day."

Exercise - Fill the gaps with one word each gap

  1. Will you stop that right now!
    ____________ it in now!
  2. I'm really fed up with your moaning
    Give it a ____________ , would you!
  3. You've been rambling on about that for a month of ____________ .
  4. Quit while you are ____________ .
    Your just ____________ . a dead ____________ .
  5. Please pack it in.
    Give me a ____________ .
    Give it a ____________ .

Password English

Password for 'english' is ba0a6ddd94c73698a3658f92ac222f8a ____________

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