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Homophones in English Pronunciation

Homophones sound the same but are different words. Sometimes they sound the same only in certain regions. For me aunt is not a homophone of ant, but more a homophone of aren't . For some in the Southern states of the USA. aunt and ant may be homophones.


Some words are pronounced as homophones by some native speakers but not others. Some words are global homophones and are pronounced the same all over the English speaking world.
Choose the correct option to complete the gaps.
  1. audio
    If you want to use a quote in your report. be certain that you
    1. sight
    2. cite
    3. site
    the source properly. X


    cite sight site
  2. audio
    Those dark clouds seem to suggest that we're going to get some
    1. rain
    2. reign


    rain reign rein
  3. audio
    He was the
    1. loan
    2. lone
    survivor of the battle. X
  4. audio
    I was really upset by the way
    1. manner
    2. manor
    in which the bank wrote to me about my overdraft. X
  5. audio
    If you would put your shirt on a
    1. hanger
    2. hangor
    instead of leaving it lying in a heap on the floor, it wouldn't be so crumpled. X
  6. audio
    1. foreword
    2. forward
    was written by a famous TV presentor. X


    foreword forward
  7. audio
    My last move was
    1. floored
    2. flawed
  8. I never would have
    1. guest
    2. guessed
    my opponents intentions. X
  9. audio
    I think my father got better service today because he paid the waiter a
    1. compliment
    2. complement
  10. audio
    My horse became aggitated when his
    1. bridal
    2. bridle
    came loose. X
  11. audio
    Every book published here has a unique
    1. cereal
    2. serial
    number, printed on it. X

    Dictionary Lookup

    cereal serial breakfast cereal serial killer.
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    This doctor treats his
    1. patience
    2. patients
    very well. He never gets any complaints. X

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    patience patients
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    1. dual
    2. duel
    processor system has two processor chips working in parallel. X

    Dictionary Lookup

    dual duel

    1 - Making Sentences

    Make sentences with the words that you didn't use in exercise 1

    Look at these word pairs and decide whether they are homophones for you or not. Check a dictionary and write the phonetic symbols for each word in the pair. Decide which pairs sound alike and which have different sounds.

    Listen to each native speaker and decide whether the words are spoken as homophones or not.

    2 - Sentences with homophones

    1. You are not allowed to speak aloud in class. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    2. My aunt was bitten by an ant. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    3. Browse the make-up counter for mascara for your eye brows. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    4. canvass the art shops for a canvas to paint a picture. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    5. dye
      If I can't find the
      1. die
      2. dye
      I need, .... X
      ... I think I will just
      1. die
      2. dye
      English Male speaker English Female Speaker
      Question How are these two words spelt in gerund form? (dying ?)
    6. The plane landed on the flat plain without an airport! English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    7. It was a grave situation at the grave side. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    8. I saw many bizaar things at the bazaar English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    9. I got bored listening to the board of directors. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    10. He was telling a tale about the dog with a long tail. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    11. We tied the boat securely before the tide came in. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    12. It was a real joy for me to reel in that big fish. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    13. Have you seen that scene of the play before? English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    14. It was a sordid affair that had to be sorted out. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    15. With pride I pried the vault open for them. English Male speaker English Female Speaker
    16. I was very tense as I was putting the tents up. English Male speaker
    17. please wear these special clothes while working where the silver ware is stored. English Male speaker
    18. That trader is really a traitor. English Male speaker
    19. My mother has sewn my trousers and my father has sown the seeds in the field. English Male speaker
    20. I will close the closet door,after the clothes have been hung up. English Male speaker
    21. Do you think a prophet makes any profit from his work? English Male speaker
    22. With all my body and soul I tried to put the sole back on my shoe. English Male speaker
    23. If you look down the second row of stalls you will see the fish roe seller. English Male speaker
    24. That toad just towed the lillypad right across the pond. English Male speaker
    25. Have you ever seen a beech tree growing on the beach? English Male speaker
    26. When we finish putting up the stakes I will grill some steaks. English Male speaker
    27. Build this house like Jack built his. English Male speaker
    28. In the second world war soldiers wore uniform. English Male speaker
    29. The Indian warrior became a real worrier. English Male speaker
    30. please wear these special clothes while working where the silver ware is stored. English Male speaker
    31. The breakdown truck is not coming, We'll have to change the wheel ourselves. English Male speaker
    32. I'll walk up the aisle when I go to the Isle of Man. English Male speaker
    33. If you go to the Tower of London you'll see the crown jewels. English Male speaker
    34. We won One, we won One, we won One !!
      They won by three goals. The score was four one. English Male speaker
    35. You are our only hope. English Male speaker
    36. The prince of Wales sails from Wells to protect whales. English Male speaker
    37. She accidentally poured flour into the flower pot English Male speaker
    38. That was my first time. Now, I have a thirst for adventure. English Male speaker
    39. Iron - ion English Male speaker
    40. As I knelt on the floor I noticed a flaw in the floorboards. English Male speaker
    41. knit nit English Male speaker
    42. Your clock says it's twenty to two. My clock says it's twenty-two too English Male speaker
    43. This route is the root of the problem. English Male speaker
    44. From my house I can see the choppy sea. English Male speaker
    45. I have been waiting for my friend for four hours! English Male speaker
    46. I'm here, can you hear me English Male speaker
    47. He was knighted that night by the Queen The other night a knight rode his horse past here and disappeared. English Male speaker
    48. I heard him singing a beautiful hymn. English Male speaker
    49. The taxes to pay on new taxis are too heavy. English Male speaker
    50. There is tacks tax in Texas, of two tenths of a cent per tack. English Male speaker
    51. Please would you sew up my torn trousers so that I can wear them tomorrow. English Male speaker
    52. Aren't you my aunt? English Male speaker
    53. Which witch is the wicked witch and which witch is the white witch? English Male speaker
    54. The hair on that hare is moulting English Male speaker
    55. If you jump in the river just because you don't like liver, you really must hate liver and like the river. English Male speaker
    56. My stomach was sore from laughing when I saw her dancing English Male speaker
    57. Use the brake quickly or something will break. English Male speaker
    58. She conjured up a tissue from the blue box and blew her nose. English Male speaker
    59. The cat paused to lick it's paws. English Male speaker
    60. Do you have time to pick some thyme from the garden? English Male speaker
    61. None of the monks spoke to the nun. English Male speaker
    62. A real old fashioned cotton reel is made of wood. English Male speaker
    63. The miller made some flour and gave his wife a flower. English Male speaker
    64. Whose shoes are these and Who's not polishing them? English Male speaker
    65. The rose rose above all the other flowers. English Male speaker
    66. The mailman is not a male. Should I call her the mail woman or the mail lady? English Male speaker
    67. Is is your right to write this the right way. English Male speaker
    68. This chip is not expensive, it is cheap. English Male speaker
    69. I am looking at you through one eye. English Male speaker
    70. My son asked me how far the sun was? English Male speaker
    71. Who knows where a platypuses nose is? English Male speaker
    72. Mr Lion is the mane man. English Male speaker
    73. The batsmen bawled when the ball hit his nose. English Male speaker
    74. The band played so loudly in the park that they were banned. English Male speaker
    75. I strummed a chord while straining my vocal cords. English Male speaker
    76. I am on a sea food diet, I see food and eat it. English Male speaker
    77. sleigh slay
    78. Don't stare at the top stair.
    79. I am bored with playing board games everyday.
    80. In current times there is a currant shortage.

    3 -

    Some of the words in each sentence are spelt incorrectly because they are homophonic malapropism. Find all incorectly spelt words in each sentence.

    1. You are worth you wait in gold.
    2. Here a spell checker is a waist of time
    3. Excuse me, you are in my whey.
    4. Wood you mind know doing that.
    5. I'm a frayed you can not come inn.
    6. I wouldn't buy any fish in this plaice.

    4 - A compehensive list of homophones

    Can you make sentences which contain a homophone pair? Just like the recorded examples above.

    1. accessary, accessory
    2. ad, add
    3. ail, ale
    4. air, heir
    5. aisle, I'll, isle
    6. all, awl
    7. allowed, aloud
    8. alms, arms
    9. altar, alter
    10. arc, ark
    11. aren't, aunt
    12. ate, eight
    13. auger, augur
    14. auk, orc
    15. aural, oral
    16. away, aweigh
    17. awe, oar, or, ore
    18. axel, axle
    19. aye, eye, I
    20. bail, bale
    21. bait, bate
    22. baize, bays
    23. bald, bawled
    24. ball, bawl
    25. band, banned
    26. bard, barred
    27. bare, bear
    28. bark, barque
    29. baron, barren
    30. base, bass
    31. bay, bey
    32. bazaar, bizarre
    33. be, bee
    34. beach, beech
    35. bean, been
    36. beat, beet
    37. beau, bow
    38. beer, bier
    39. bel, bell, belle
    40. berry, bury
    41. berth, birth
    42. bight, bite, byte
    43. billed, build
    44. bitten, bittern
    45. blew, blue
    46. bloc, block
    47. boar, bore
    48. board, bored
    49. boarder, border
    50. bold, bowled
    51. boos, booze
    52. born, borne
    53. bough, bow
    54. boy, buoy
    55. brae, bray
    56. braid, brayed
    57. braise, brays, braze
    58. brake, break
    59. bread, bred
    60. brews, bruise
    61. bridal, bridle
    62. broach, brooch
    63. bur, burr
    64. but, butt
    65. buy, by, bye
    66. buyer, byre
    67. calendar, calender
    68. call, caul
    69. canvas, canvass
    70. cast, caste
    71. caster, castor
    72. caught, court
    73. caw, core, corps
    74. cede, seed
    75. ceiling, sealing
    76. cell, sell
    77. censer, censor, sensor
    78. cent, scent, sent
    79. cereal, serial
    80. cheap, cheep
    81. check, cheque
    82. choir, quire
    83. chord, cord
    84. cite, sight, site
    85. clack, claque
    86. clew, clue
    87. climb, clime
    88. close, cloze
    89. coal, kohl
    90. coarse, course
    91. coign, coin
    92. colonel, kernel
    93. complacent, complaisant
    94. complement, compliment
    95. coo, coup
    96. cops, copse
    97. council, counsel
    98. cousin, cozen
    99. creak, creek
    100. crews, cruise
    101. cue, kyu, queue
    102. curb, kerb
    103. currant, current
    104. cymbol, symbol
    105. dam, damn
    106. days, daze
    107. dear, deer
    108. descent, dissent
    109. desert, dessert
    110. deviser, divisor
    111. dew, due
    112. die, dye
    113. discreet, discrete
    114. doe, doh, dough
    115. done, dun
    116. douse, dowse
    117. draft, draught

      While I was working on my draft, I felt a draught on my feet, because the door had been left ajar.

    118. dual, duel
    119. earn, urn
    120. eery, eyrie
    121. ewe, yew, you
    122. faint, feint
    123. fah, far
    124. fair, fare
    125. farther, father
    126. fate, f??te
    127. faun, fawn
    128. fay, fey
    129. faze, phase
    130. feat, feet
    131. ferrule, ferule
    132. few, phew
    133. fie, phi
    134. file, phial
    135. find, fined
    136. fir, fur
    137. fizz, phiz
    138. flair, flare
    139. flaw, floor
    140. flea, flee
    141. flex, flecks
    142. flew, flu, flue
    143. floe, flow
    144. flour, flower
    145. foaled, fold
    146. for, fore, four
    147. foreword, forward
    148. fort, fought
    149. forth, fourth
    150. foul, fowl
    151. franc, frank
    152. freeze, frieze
    153. friar, fryer
    154. furs, furze
    155. gait, gate
    156. galipot, gallipot
    157. gallop, galop
    158. gamble, gambol
    159. gays, gaze
    160. genes, jeans
    161. gild, guild
    162. gilt, guilt
    163. giro, gyro
    164. gnaw, nor
    165. gneiss, nice
    166. gorilla, guerilla
    167. grate, great
    168. greave, grieve
    169. greys, graze
    170. grisly, grizzly
    171. groan, grown
    172. guessed, guest
    173. hail, hale
    174. hair, hare
    175. hall, haul
    176. hangar, hanger
    177. hart, heart
    178. haw, hoar, whore
    179. hay, hey
    180. heal, heel, he'll
    181. hear, here
    182. heard, herd
    183. he'd, heed
    184. heroin, heroine
    185. hew, hue
    186. hi, high
    187. higher, hire
    188. him, hymn
    189. ho, hoe
    190. hoard, horde
    191. hoarse, horse
    192. holey, holy, wholly
    193. hour, our
    194. idle, idol
    195. in, inn
    196. indict, indite
    197. it's, its
    198. jewel, joule
    199. key, quay
    200. knave, nave
    201. knead, need
    202. knew, new
    203. knight, night
    204. knit, nit
    205. knob, nob
    206. knock, nock
    207. knot, not
    208. know, no
    209. knows, nose
    210. laager, lager
    211. lac, lack
    212. lade, laid
    213. lain, lane
    214. lam, lamb
    215. laps, lapse
    216. larva, lava
    217. lase, laze
    218. law, lore
    219. lay, ley
    220. lea, lee
    221. leach, leech
    222. lead, led
    223. leak, leek
    224. lean, lien
    225. lessen, lesson
    226. levee, levy
    227. liar, lyre
    228. licence, license
    229. licker, liquor
    230. lie, lye
    231. lieu, loo
    232. links, lynx
    233. lo, low
    234. load, lode
    235. loan, lone
    236. locks, lox
    237. loop, loupe
    238. loot, lute
    239. made, maid
    240. mail, male
    241. main, mane
    242. maize, maze
    243. mall, maul
    244. manna, manner
    245. mantel, mantle
    246. mare, mayor
    247. mark, marque
    248. marshal, martial
    249. marten, martin
    250. mask, masque
    251. maw, more
    252. me, mi
    253. mean, mien
    254. meat, meet, mete
    255. medal, meddle
    256. metal, mettle
    257. meter, metre
    258. might, mite
    259. miner, minor, mynah
    260. mind, mined
    261. missed, mist
    262. moat, mote
    263. mode, mowed
    264. moor, more
    265. moose, mousse
    266. morning, mourning
    267. muscle, mussel
    268. naval, navel
    269. nay, neigh
    270. nigh, nye
    271. none, nun
    272. od, odd
    273. ode, owed
    274. oh, owe
    275. one, won
    276. packed, pact
    277. packs, pax
    278. pail, pale
    279. pain, pane
    280. pair, pare, pear
    281. palate, palette, pallet
    282. pascal, paschal
    283. paten, patten, pattern
    284. pause, paws, pores, pours She paused to pour the poor ..
    285. pawn, porn
    286. pea, pee
    287. peace, piece
    288. peak, peek, peke, pique
    289. peal, peel
    290. pearl, purl
    291. pedal, peddle
    292. peer, pier
    293. pi, pie
    294. pica, pika
    295. place, plaice
    296. plain, plane
    297. pleas, please
    298. plum, plumb
    299. pole, poll
    300. poof, pouffe
    301. practice, practise
    302. praise, prays, preys
    303. principal, principle
    304. profit, prophet
    305. quarts, quartz
    306. quean, queen
    307. rain, reign, rein
    308. raise, rays, raze
    309. rap, wrap
    310. raw, roar
    311. read, reed
    312. read, red
    313. real, reel
    314. reek, wreak
    315. rest, wrest
    316. retch, wretch
    317. review, revue
    318. rheum, room
    319. right, rite, wright, write
    320. ring, wring
    321. road, rode
    322. roe, row
    323. role, roll
    324. roo, roux, rue
    325. rood, rude
    326. root, route
    327. rose, rows
    328. rota, rotor
    329. rote, wrote
    330. rough, ruff
    331. rouse, rows
    332. rung, wrung
    333. rye, wry
    334. saver, savour
    335. spade, spayed
    336. sale, sail
    337. sane, seine
    338. satire, satyr
    339. sauce, source
    340. saw, soar, sore
    341. scene, seen
    342. scull, skull
    343. sea, see
    344. seam, seem
    345. sear, seer, sere
    346. seas, sees, seize
    347. sew, so, sow
    348. shake, sheikh
    349. shear, sheer
    350. shoe, shoo
    351. sic, sick
    352. side, sighed
    353. sign, sine
    354. sink, synch
    355. slay, sleigh
    356. sloe, slow
    357. sole, soul
    358. some, sum
    359. son, sun
    360. sort, sought
    361. spa, spar
    362. staid, stayed
    363. stair, stare
    364. stake, steak
    365. stalk, stork
    366. stationary, stationery
    367. steal, steel
    368. stile, style
    369. storey, story
    370. straight, strait
    371. sweet, suite
    372. swat, swot
    373. tacks, tax
    374. tale, tail
    375. talk, torque
    376. tare, tear
    377. taught, taut, tort
    378. te, tea, tee
    379. team, teem
    380. tear, tier
    381. teas, tease
    382. terce, terse
    383. tern, turn
    384. there, their, they're They're on their way there.
    385. threw, through I threw the ball through the window
    386. throes, throws
    387. throne, thrown He was dethroned and thrown out of the palace.
    388. thyme, time
    389. tic, tick
    390. tide, tied
    391. tire, tyre
    392. to, too, two
    393. toad, toed, towed
    394. told, tolled
    395. tole, toll
    396. ton, tun
    397. tor, tore
    398. tough, tuff
    399. troop, troupe
    400. tuba, tuber
    401. vain, vane, vein
    402. vale, veil
    403. vial, vile
    404. wail, wale, whale
    405. wain, wane
    406. waist, waste
    407. wait, weight
    408. waive, wave
    409. wall, waul
    410. war, wore
    411. ware, wear, where
    412. warn, worn
    413. wart, wort
    414. watt, what
    415. wax, whacks
    416. way, weigh, whey
    417. we, wee, whee
    418. weak, week
    419. we'd, weed
    420. weal, we'll, wheel
    421. wean, ween
    422. weather, whether
    423. weaver, weever
    424. weir, we're
    425. were, whirr
    426. wet, whet
    427. wheald, wheeled
    428. which, witch
    429. whig, wig
    430. while, wile
    431. whine, wine
    432. whirl, whorl
    433. whirled, world
    434. whit, wit
    435. white, wight
    436. who's, whose
    437. woe, whoa
    438. wood, would
    439. yaw, yore, your, you're
    440. yoke, yolk
    441. you'll, yule
    1. I can't permit you to park here. You don't have a permit.
    2. Will they increase my salary next year? I'm looking for an increase in salary.
    3. Joy objects to your proposal. Don't treat me as if I were an object.
    4. We've had complaints about your conduct, I'll conduct you to your seat.
    5. This is the entrance to the building. Gloria will entrance you.
    6. Do you want to buy this record. Let me record your voice. I've brought you a present.
    7. please present my compliments to him.
    8. I must protest at your proposal. The proposal didn't go without protest.
    9. I've got an Australian accent. Please accent every syllable.
    10. Our exports have increased this year. We export everything we make.
    11. I'II escort you to your new office. You'll need an escort.
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