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Practice Sentences for Reading and Pronunciation

  1. There comes a point where increased loudness results in reduced clarity
  2. Rubies saphires emeralds she wore jewellery always
  3. You do recall our argument yesterday
  4. Use pure vegetable oils such as olive sunflower or safflower seed oil
  5. She stretched her jaws beyond measure
  6. Makarenko describes them in this way
  7. Legal raves are fun for young people
  8. Do tourists go abroad and mob octopus catchers swordfish slayers monkish murderers
  9. The implications for image rich environments such as multimedia are plain
  10. To be perfectly honest in my current situation ....
  11. Carry it to the side and around
  12. He may want one kind of person
  13. The dialogue is a skeleton to be fleshed out
  14. Having found technology they seemed somewhat confused
  15. Pureed root vegs potatoes carrots parsnip swede
  16. His new purpled eyeball swivel jerks
  17. They have tiny translucent lance shaped leaves and resemble liverworts
  18. Coleridge found it difficult to accept failure quite so dispassionately
  19. Educational institutions should focus on educational issues
  20. Yanto flushing with rage moved towards him
  21. People remove watches jewellery and chains before venturing into the menacing streets
  22. He was not angry or surprised
  23. As opposed to giving them possibly a ball bearing
  24. And foot smoothed stone gnarled gargoyle solemn
  25. Another word often used was type
  26. English soccer fans shame after defeat
  27. Nevertheless potential reservoir rocks may occur at these shallower levels
  28. Any foolish young woman can like clothes
  29. The way they work is simple
  30. That depends on your pain threshold
  31. Pupil organization the ways pupils worked with each teacher
  32. Drive down past these boys again
  33. Almost without realizing it he began to play a soulful haunting melody
  34. Lucy flung herself forward cheeks flushed eyes flashing
  35. Diagrams have a strong visual impact
  36. A really bubbly noisy fourth year class
  37. But are they tubes of toothpaste he asked
  38. Ashdown says neither manifesto offers hope
  39. The research has three main aims
  40. It was an old world custom he adhered to
  41. A moment later there was a small thunder clap
  42. I guess you must have a wavelength going
  43. Amato survives vote as scandal spreads
  44. Female more like male underparts variable
  45. I trust that she is well
  46. Powdered goldfish is a popular aphrodisiac
  47. I had a school governors meeting
  48. I remembered a cheeky but affectionate tomboy child dressed mostly in dungarees
  49. Are there are any questions you would like to ask
  50. Bragg chewed at his moustache thoughtfully
  51. You never put the colour in her hair nothing
  52. An aerosole foam shampoo is useful for cleaning small areas
  53. Choose firm unblemished dark green ones
  54. In the caravan where she wo lived
  55. Full length tablecloths always look sumptuous and extravagant
  56. What is give us your name please
  57. What could be better than that
  58. This dire threat of course gave them pause
  59. He was in seventh heaven so excited
  60. This is a primitive but thouroughy respectabe but of computing
  61. How had he come to do a thing like that
  62. Fen arms folded leaned nonchalantly in the doorway surveying her
  63. They never change their shoes though now
  64. They were mainly artisans carpenters stonemasons ironworkers shoemakers weavers and fishermen
  65. It was supposed to be a great secret but
  66. Jamiroquai is something of a natural
  67. The grammar cognition interface a new direction
  68. A modules subtype however is user definable
  69. Which has the ability to delete files and directories if empty
  70. How to avoid problems with wire launches
  71. Thought we might have a bit of sport he announced generally
  72. Dry rarely looks shiny feels taut fine textured
  73. What will it do to me
  74. She grimaced then took a mouthful
  75. Malcolm thanks very much for joining us
  76. It is uncertain whether words alone can amount to an assault
  77. Two people are being treated in hospital
  78. Research degrees in the public sector indicators and outcome
  79. The risks of peacemaking seemed too great
  80. They brought in a white guy to replace him
  81. Is there any simple and inexpensive solution to this problem
  82. You can almost hear that one
  83. You know from friends and that
  84. Old style hardware manufacturers have suffered
  85. But somehow to use the money for extravagant luxuries was another matter
  86. They espouse the idea of dementia teams
  87. Could play on it and make him talk
  88. Wood warblers chiffchaffs and black caps
  89. You think you know everything she answered tightly
  90. Targetting gut epithelium has long term potential
  91. Collapsed bank depositors get first payout
  92. Stolen bus crushed girl court hears
  93. Similarly promotion continued as a further inducement for some
  94. Choose bath oils rather than bubble baths
  95. Blessed are disciples they shall find conservation
  96. Nothing about cats who eat spiders
  97. Turn to face him in a balanced stance
  98. This will undoubtedly lead to comparisons with similar previous occurrences
  99. I have to give you a
  1. a_n_d_o_v_e_r
  2. a_n_g_l_e
  3. a_n_g_l_e_s_e_y
  4. a_l_m_o_n_d
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