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Chapter 3 Beginners Vocabulary

Some words to get you started


Wall, floor, ceiling, door, window, tile, gutter


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At home - zài jiā

At Home. Vocabulary list


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Chapter 4 Intermediate Vocabulary


Frequency adverbs

  1. Always
  2. Nearly always
  3. Often
  4. Sometimes
  5. Rarely
  6. Hardly ever
  7. Never


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Which one makes most sense

Can you make sense? Finish each sentence to make sense. Choose the answer that makes most sense.


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Chapter 5 Advanced Vocabulary

Higher Level

Adjective Practice

Adjectives are describing words. Check the dictionary for all the new words and then try to choose the adjective that best fits each sentence.


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Chapter 50 Word Spotlight

How to look in detail at a word by collecting all phrases, idioms and collocations together. With guidance, students can create their own word analysis for this chapter. Just contact your teacher here for help.

Bear / Bare.

This is an example word analysis Students should work on their own word analysis with their teacher here. A word analysis can be ongoing. Read the comments to see what your friends suggest, then add more and more to your word analysis page.


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Chapter 100

3000 most useful words

These 3000 words are the most common in English. If you speak English, you should know these words.


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One Thousand words

Learn a thousand words and then add more and more vocabulary and grammar by learning sentences using those first thousand words.
了解千言万语,然后通过学习添加越来越多的词汇和语法 使用这些第一千言万语句子。


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