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Frequency adverbs

1 - List of frequency adverbs

How many more frequency adverbs can you add to this list? You can add phrasal frequency adverbs, such as, Every once in a while or Once in a blue moon
Put your frequency adverbs and expressions into the correct place in the list. Somewhere between Always and Never
  1. Always
  2. Nearly always
  3. Often
  4. Sometimes
  5. Rarely
  6. Hardly ever
  7. Never

2 - Grammar Focus

What's the weather like today? It's warm.
What was it like yesterday? It was freezing
use What + (be) + the weather / it + like? to ask about the weather. use It to talk about weather and temperature.
It was hot yesterday.

3 - Practise

Ask your partner about the weather and temperature today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, last Christmas.

4 - Guessing games to practice adjectives of frequency

Play Guess my job (Look in English Language Skills for this activity ) To help the guesser you can answer, yes, no or use any sentence with a frequency adjective. Eg. "I usually get up early in the morning".

5 - More about adverbs

Think about how you are using 'early' - It is an adjective. ADVERB+ADJECTIVE+NOUN
  1. Sometimes on hot days .....
  2. often double-decker buses .....
  3. Usually tall people ..... knock their heads on the top of this door

Try to make a sentence where the FREQUENCY ADVERB - ADJECTIVE - NOUN occur in a different order. Can you do it?

Word order - the words 'Every' and 'Early'

The word 'Every' speaks about frequency and is an adverb. Which word order sounds correct?
  1. every early morning
  2. early every morning.

What's the temperature?

6 Put these words into the right order starting with the hottest.
Make five sentences using frequency adverbs. Eg. "It is usually very cold here in December.

  1. cool
  2. cold
  3. hot
  4. warm
  1. It's boiling
  2. It's _______
  3. It's _______
  4. It's _______
  5. It's _______
  6. It's freezing

Find a season for every poem

  1. When the tall oak groans in northern winds, When cruel frost creeps white beneath the bark And twigs once sappy and green Shake brittle and dry in the darkening.

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  2. _____, ____, Everywhere,
    Green trees, Cool water here and there.

    Burning sun, Really hot days,
    Eating junk food and Baked Lays.

    Camping trips, Mosquito bites,
    Swimming pools, Water fights.

    Water slides, a theme park,
    Meowing cats, Dogs that bark.

    Visiting friends, Going to camp,
    Everything dry, Nothing is damp.

    The hottest season of the year,
    It flies by fast, Then school is near.

  3. ______ Poem
    While watching all these early buds and swallows,
    I can feel tonight
    that my heart's slowly growing over sorrows
    as someone's horizon on smiley days might;

    that it's getting bigger like all plants around
    and light as a feather,
    and that all happiness that's above the ground

  4. Behold colours of a million years, a theatre of complexion - shades spring and summer never knew and Winter covers with falling snow.

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