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For gaps 1-15, choose the best option from the table below.

Back to Nature

While I was walking through my neighbourhood park (0) recently , I was pleasantly surprised
to find that I was not alone in my (1) _______ to get out and see nature at its finest. The  autumn season and its accompanying (2) _____ of leaves had brought us city-dwellers out in (3) _______.

In (4) ________ , I realise I really shouldn't have been as surprised as I was because nature has a  way of attracting crowds. Even travel agents have (5) _____ and each year sees more and more  'eco-holidays' on (6) ______ for those wishing to 'reunite' themselves with the great  (7) ______. It is fact, too, that the world's zoos and aquariums attract more people annually  than all professional events (8) ______. 

According to Edward O. Wilson, a Harvard ecologist, humans have an (9) _____ love of  nature and an actual need to (10) _____ themselves in it. children are the greatest  examples of what Wilson has (11) ____ 'biophilia' or love of life. Point out a butterfly or  an anthill to almost any child and watch their eyes (12) _____ up with interest and curiosity.  Or, for that matter, just watch grown-ups as they (13) _____ through the park on a lovely  autumn day. Their relaxed (14) _______ are enough to show that they are truly appreciative of their (15) _____, but beneficial, contact with nature. 

0 A lately B recently C currently D presently
1 A thirst B desire C hunger D appeal
2 A dropping B throwing C shedding D letting
3 A droves B flocks C schools D mobs
4 A review B remembrance C retrospect D memory
5 A understood B caught on C noted D worked out
6 A offer B display C sale D show
7 A outdoors B outside C outline D outback
8 A mixed B combined C added D totalled
9 A inner B impulsive C innate D inherited
10 A drown B sink C plunge D immerse
11 A termed B coined C marked D phrased
12 A glow B shine C light D glint
13 A trot B pace C gallop D stroll
14 A sentiments B expressions C emotions D gestures
15 A little B brief C swift D tiny
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