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Similar but Different Adjectives

Read the following dialogue between two students. Put the verbs in brackets into one of the following tenses.
Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect
Simple, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Future Simple, Future
Perfect, Future Continuous

A: Hi Julie. How was your summer break?
B: Great! I can't believe it's all gone so fast!
A: So, what (1)
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(you do) since you got back?
B: Well the main thing has been moving all my stuff into the house I (2)
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(share) with four others from next Saturday. It (3).
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(belong) to the university and it's really nice.
A: Great! Well, while you (4)
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(move), I was revising for my exams in October.
B: You (5)
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(joke)! You don't have exams already, do you?
A: Yes, well, you know I (6)
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(fail) a couple of my June exams. So now I have to retake them.
B: Oh yes, I (7)
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(completely forget). How awful!
A: At least they (8)
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(be) over soon. Anyway, what's it like in your new place?
B: Well, it's complete chaos at the moment but with luck we (9)
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(unpack) most of the boxes by the weekend.
A: Listen, if there's anything I can do, just tell me, won't you?
B: Hey thanks but I think we (10)
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(do) all the main things. Anyway, you should be concentrating on your exams!
2 Tell other students:
  1. two things you have done in the last year which you are really pleased about
  2. two things you hope you will have done by this time next year
3 Imagine you have won a five-day dream holiday. You have unlimited funds. You can go anywhere, use any means of transport and stay in any kind of accommodation.
  1. Work with another student. Plan your holiday together. Decide on two main activities for each day of your holiday.
  2. Now work with another pair of students. Take it in turns to describe your holidays. Decide who has the best dream holiday. Remember to use the Future Continuous to describe your itinerary.

Speaking: giving opinions

4 The examiner sets the candidates a problem-solving task which often involves a number of pictures or written prompts. Listen to an examiner setting two candidates a task and look at the pictures below. What three things does he ask the candidates to do?
5 Now listen to two students doing the following task. What's the main problem with the way they interact during the task?
6 Listen again. Make a note of any expressions you hear under the headings below and then add any other expressions you know
  1. Asking for opinions
  2. Giving opinions
  3. Agreeing
  4. Disagreeing
1 Now do the task with another student. Remember to give each other plenty of opportunities to express opinions. Use a variety of expressions from the columns in the exercise above.
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