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Use the words in the brackets to form one word that fits in the gap.

Take a deep breath

Since this time yesterday, you've breathed in and out approximately 20,000 times. Over a lifetime you'll take in more than a hundred million breaths. And, like every other living (1)
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(create), you will have taken them completely (2)
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(instinct). Our lives are (3)
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(depend) on breathing, but, even so, most of us do it (4)
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To see the best, really (5)
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(health) breathing, watch a baby's stomach rises and falls. It's extremely (6)
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(common) to see poor breathing among children, but by the time most reach secondary school, they're breathing in a shallow and restricted way.

According to American (7)
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(research), poor breathing plays a role in seventy-five per cent of health problems. Their (8)
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show that correct breathing increases oxygen intake and the efficiency of your body. This makes energy levels rise and stress level fall.
1) creature
2) instinctively
4) inappropriately
5) healthy
6) uncommon
7) researchers
8) investigations

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