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How equal are women, really?

In most lines of the following text, there is either a spelling or a punctuation error.
  1. On the face of it, women in Britain have not done too badly over the
  2. thirty years. There has been a woman prime Minister a woman has gone into
  3. space, and women are ordained as priests. They have won the right to equal
  4. pay with men for the same work
    of the fact that they still earn only
  5. 80% of their male colleague
    s salaries. They have even become professionals
  6. in what have always been considered male sports, like football. But can it
  7. really be said that equality of the sexes is fact rather than wishful thinking
  8. trouble begins at school, though equality shouldn't be an issue in education
  9. since, acording to the Department of Education's statistics, they do better than
  10. boys in exams at all levels. Nevertheless, they are at an immediate
  11. disadvantage as soon as they apply for jobs and go out to work. Teachers
  12. believe its vital to overcome this by encouraging them to study subjects like
  13. physics, which have been almost exclusively a male preserve. A
  14. research recently carried out at Reading university may explain why boys
  15. succeed,
    or not they have better academic qualifications. It shows that
  16. they are willing to call out answers in class and risk making mistakes, whereas
  17. girls feel self
    conscious. This capacity to take the lead is why boys tend to
  18. make a better impresion at an interview for a business career, though they may
  19. not always pro
    ve to be the best choice thereafter.
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