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Match Previews

  1. Chelsea v Leeds united
    Neither Gary Kelly nor Lee Bowyer looked pleased when they missed penalties against Leicester City on Wednesday night and ended their club's involvement in the Worthington Cup for another season. David O'Leary, the Leeds united manager, though, seemed unperturbed. Leeds have risen to a stature now where they need to be ruthless in the identification of their priorities. The Worthington Cup was nowhere near the top of the list. The match tomorrow will mean much more.

  2. Aston Villa v Sheffield Wednesday
    For John Gregory and Danny Wilson this must feel like a game of Russian roulette, with the position of each manager under threat. Wilson, the Sheffield Wednesday manager, is facing relegation for the second time in three years, having supervised Barnsley's descent in 1997-98. Now, as then, it is hard to offer an encouraging word with any conviction. Wednesday are bottom of the League and there is no money to improve the team. Gregory, the Villa manager, continues his touchline ban, but seems determined not to be allowed to sit on the bench again. His pronouncement that the referee should have been shot for awarding West Ham a penalty in the last match will hardly endear him to officialdom.

  3. Sunderland v Southampton
    Sunderland are fourth in the league but the club still looks for help to lever itself upwards. The £6.5 million invested by BSkyB yesterday will help fund the proposed youth academy. The shape of more immediate things to come may also be evident at the Stadium of Light this afternoon. While peter Reid, the manager, may

    be reluctant to pitch a new signing straight into the line-up,there must be a temptation to introduce Kevin Kilbane. Yet in the interest of perspective, they may have to remind themselves that eminence in the premiership can be fleeting.
  4. Middlesbrough v Tottenham Hotspur
    Bryan Robson, the Middlesbrough manager, has launched a vigorous defence against accusations of maladministration, but today comes the last word on the club's recent departure from both domestic knockout competitions. It promises to be loud. While there is little suggestion that Robson's position is under immediate threat - he remains a close friend of Steve Gibson, his chairman - the public will form their own judgement. After a sequence of seven matches without victory, Robson will be without three key players for Tottenham's visit to Teeside. Tottenham's manager, George Graham, will be hoping for better fortune there than on previous visits to the North-East.

  5. Bradford City v Newcastle united
    The last time these sides met with league points at stake, ten seasons ago, it was in the old second division, and Ppaul Jewel was still regularly (not) scoring for Bradford City. Now the club's manager, Jewell must pit his wits against the grand master of the game. The effect that Bobby Robson has had on Newcastle united's from and fortitude has been immense. In their last six games, Newcastle have taken 12 points in an unbeaten run. According to Jewell, Bradford have also 'improved vastly' over the past six weeks, but in their case it has not been reflected in results. They would welcome a point from today's game but many not get it.

Olympics and Football

Image Answer questions 1-14 by referring to the article previewing football matches. Some of the choices may be required more than once.

Which team manager(s)

  1. did not seem to mind losing a game?
  2. feels his team are playing much better than before?
  3. has a very good relationship with his employer?
  4. has been punished for criticising officials?
  5. has experience of his team going down to a lower division.
  6. has lost matches when he was last in
    that part of the country.
  7. is recognised as the most experienced in the league.
  8. Is being critised for not running the club very well?
  9. may include a new player in his team?
  10. may lose his job if the team lose this game?
    ___ ___
  11. must decide which competitions are the most important for his team?
  12. needs to remember that good results
    may not be maintained?
  13. used to play the team he is managing?


  1. George Graham
  2. John Gregory
  3. Paul Jewell
  4. David O'Leary
  5. Peter Reid
  6. Bobby Robson
  7. Bryan Robson
  8. Danny Wilson

Birth of the Olympics

Image It all began in 776 BC, with a simple foot race of about 200m held at Olympia in Greece. (1)
four years from then athletes as well (2)
poets and artists met there for a festival in honour of the god Zeus. (3)
from foot racing, the event came (4)
include wrestling, boxing and the pentathlon. Winners became overnight heroes and (5)
festival merited a permanent place in the Greek calendar to mark a span of four years (6)
they called the Olympiad.

The games (7)
for nearly 1200 years, until AD 393, (8)
the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I banned all such 'pagan' celebrations. A millennium and a half later, a French baron began a campaign to recreate that spirit (9)
good-natured but serious competition. Baron pierre de Coubertin's family wanted (10)
to become an officer in the French Army. But de Coubertin believed that the cause of peace (11)
be better served (12)
a regular meeting of amateur, world-class athletes and dedicated his energy (13)
realising his dream. During the 1890s he (14)
speech after speech to international sports associations, and (15)
last persuaded them to revive the name and spirit of the ancient Olympic Games.

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