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1 In examinations we have to transform formal English into informal, or the other way around.
Complete the informal sentences here, choosing the correct phrase. Only one is correct in each case
  1. Depending on whether the vacancy is still available, I would like to submit an application I want to (1) @gap
    send in
    an application if the position hasn't been (2) @gap

    send in / send through / completed / filled

  2. I am writing in regard of the position I saw advertised at the employment agency. I am interested in learning further details about the job entails. I am writing (3) @gap
    the job I saw advertised at the job centre. I want to ask for some (4) @gap
    extra information
    about what my responsibilities would (5) @gap

    about / for, more date / extra information, involve / include

  3. I'd like to enquire about the terms and duration of the contract. Is accommodation provided or would I be responsible for that expense? I want to ask about what is in the contract and (6) @gap
    how long
    it is for. Do you provide me with a (7) @gap
    to live or does the money come from my (8) @gap
    for that?

    how much / how long, house / place, wallet / pocket

  4. What is your company policy regarding annual leave and other benefits? Are prospects for promotion promising? What does your company do about yearly (9) @gap
    ? What are the (10) @gap
    of me being promoted?

    breaks / holidays, chances /opportunities

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