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Future of Sport

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Listening and note taking

1 How do you imagine the world of sport will change over the next 50 years? Consider these areas:

2 Listen to the following extract and make brief notes of Mary Fitzroy's answers to the above questions. 3 Listen to the extract again and complete the notes for question 1-9. Before you do this, try and predict what kinds of words might be missing from each gap.


  1. Main reason why Cup Final is a 'great' event:
    Login please   ____________   X
  2. Location of majority of population in 2050:
    Login please   ____________   X
  3. Games that will continue:
    Login please   ____________   X
    and five-a-side football
  4. Games that will decline: cricket and
    Login please   ____________   X
  5. New sports: Bar Fly Flying, Bungee Running and
    Login please   ____________   X
  6. Sport of the poor:
    Login please   ____________   X
  7. Situation of sports stars: more pay,
    Login please   ____________   X
  8. 1936 world record for 100 metres:
    Login please   ____________   X
  9. Unattainable world record for 100 metres
    Login please   ____________   X
4 Play guess the port. Student A thinks of a sport. The other student(s) have to try and find out what sport it is in the fewest number of questions. The questions must be answerable by Yes or No. EXAMPLE:
Student A: OK, ready.
Student B: Do you play this sport in teams?
Student A: Yes.
Student C: Does it help to be tall to play this sport?
Student A: No.

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