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For questions 1-14, answer by choosing from the section of the article (A-D).
Some of the choices may be required more than once.

The following statements are true of which park (s)?
  1. It was not originally an amusement park.
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  2. It has the latest ride technology
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  3. It offers warm personal service.
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  4. It is located on a well-kept site.
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  5. It has been in business for a very long time.
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  6. It gives something away for free
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  7. They are made up of various section
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  8. It takes visitors back to an earlier era.
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  9. It barely escaped being put out of operation
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    Which park has (a) roller coaster (s) that
  10. was partially designed by the head of the park?
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  11. often has riders waiting to board?
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  12. might be more than some rider can handle?
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  13. have an unusual appearance?
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  14. has set a record?
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Just For the Thrill of It

Just what is it about roller coasters? It seems we just can't get enough of them. This week we take a look at some of the top amusement parks and the roller coasters that have helped make them famous.


Lake Compounce, being one of America's more traditional parks, is a rare find indeed. The oldest continuously operating amusement park in the US, it has been a popular family spot since 1846. Like many vintage parks, it fell on hard times and was in danger of being closed. Luckily, in 1977, a well-known conglomerate came to its rescue with huge infusions of cash and bold expansion plans. The transformed park with its new rides, which are in tip-top condition, is attracting legions of new fans. Don't expect the high-energy hustle found at larger parks, though, as the Lake has a more laid-back pace - a reminder of its 19th-century origins. Lake Compounce also has a great assortment of rides, including the exciting Boulder Dash roller coaster.

Boulder Dash is the first of its kind to be built on the side of a mountain and doesn't actually resemble a typical roller coaster. Instead of the usual mass of wooden tracks soaring high into the air, the ride uses the mountain as its base. The 60 mph speeds seem all the more impressive as riders race past trees and ground-level boulders. It uses the mountain's rock face as a thrill element. At some points, it looks like you're diving right into boulders then - whoosh - you whizz right past them!


Holiday World is a family park in the sense that it foregoes the hyped-up atmosphere of its competitors, and instead offers a more relaxed intimate experience. Rare in that it is privately owned, the park lives up to its promise of plenty of charm, a courteous attentive staff, impeccable grounds and other features that corporate parks often can't match. There is loads of entertainment for youngsters, so parents appreciate the park's family-friendly policy of not imposing an entry fee to the water park, reasonable food prices and unlimited complementary soft drinks.

What's more, Holiday World delivers great rides. In fact, the Raven, a more traditional wooden roller coaster, ranks among the best in the world. The speed and duration of the ride combine with tunnels, fog effects, and a race through dense woods for an unbeatable roller coaster experience. Park president, Willi Koch, who had a hand in developing the ride, says the reason Raven works so well is that it keeps riders on the edge of their seats. 'Surprise is critical, and believe me, dodging around obstacles keeps riders guessing! That's why we kept so many trees.' Koch also decided to do away with the trim brakes that, while saving on the wear and tear of the track, would have dampened the fun by slowing down the ride. The result is a brief wonderfully sweet, 90 seconds filled with everything roller coaster lovers could even dream of!


Knott's Berry Farm, once a successful commercial farm, is 160 acres of exciting rides, entertaining shows and unique attractions. One of America's favourite theme parks, Knott's has something for everyone. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, try the roller coasters, GhostRider or Xcelerator. If you're after something a little less nerve-racking, stroll over to Camp Snoopy, home to the beloved peanuts gang. Or visit the heart of Knott's Ghost Town, for a glimpse of life in the Wild West of the 1880s. With its cowboys, stagecoaches, steam trains and historic building- many transported from authentic mining towns - Ghost Town will let you relive a piece of the past.

Looming 118 feet over Ghost Town, GhostRider is the single largest attraction in amusement park history and one of the longest and tallest wooden roller coasters in the world. Brave riders enter a mysterious mine, only to be trapped into mining cars and sent along 4,533 feet of twisting-turning tracks. This 'white-knuckler' of an attraction is sure to please, as it takes its passengers through the ordeal of a hair-raising 108-foot initial drop, 13 smaller drops, and and uncountable number of sudden dips and banked turns. This is a ride for only the most avid of roller coaster fans!


In the style of Walt Disney's World, Islands of Adventure is divided into themed 'lands'. unlike the sugar-coated Magic Kingdom, however, IOA features attractions guaranteed to set the heart racing. Its roller coaster are state-of-the-art fun. While Spiderman is fantastic, you haven't truly lived until you've experienced The Incredible Hulk's wild and unique uphill launch. Be warned, however, this roller coaster both terrifies and exhilarates and is not for the faint of heart.
The Hulk's shocking-green track looms ominously over the IOA skyline. The 'roar' that each train emits as it dives through the course draws major attention to this thrilling ride. The Hulk's train of cars moves slowly up a long tube, until suddenly, a specially designed booster sends the cars uphill at 40 mph. Believe it or not, the launch requires the same thrust as that of a small jet and a special generating plant was constructed to power the ride. After flying through the tube, the train completes an exhilarating 360 degree loop and accelerates to 60 mph as it streams through rollovers, corkscrews and mist-filled tunnels. Because it is located near the park's front entrance and is IOA's premier attraction, Hulk's queues tend to get long quickly so get in line early - if you dare.

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