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Unit 1-5 Progress Check (Advanced English)

1 Paper 3 English in Use: Part 6 (gapped text) Read the following text and then choose from the list A-J the best phrase to fill each of the spaces. The exercise begins with an example (0). GIFTS ARE FULL OF MEANING FOR GIVER AND RECEIVER

Millions of the Christmas, anniversary and birthday presents (0) ____ J _____are dismissed, disdained and returned. At the same time, unkind thoughts occur about whoever chose the gift. What really matters is not the gift itself, (1)______ Recipients evaluate the gift and place in a category: from affirming an already good relationship to contributing the last straw to a teetering one. What we all want, of course, (2) ______ something that signals that the other person knows what our wants and needs are. An affirming present does not have to be expensive or personal, just something that proves the giver was paying attention. A close marriage or friendship is most likely to produce these kinds of gifts, although in relationships that are already strong a poor choice does not normally cause serious rifts. In relationships that are good, a present is considered strengthening (3) _______ An engagement ring is the classic example, but it could be anything that symbolises greater commitment and understanding. Many gifts have a real impact either way. This is often the case with family members, for example, a sister who gives bath oil to a sibling (4) ________ Nobody says anything because : is not worth a scene or hurting feelings. A weakening present is one (5) _____ It signals the giver was going through the motions or, worse still, insults the recipient. An example of this is the husband (6) __________ on a romantic anniversary. The severing gift is the last, ugly proof that things have reached the joint of no return. For instance, the ex-lover who gives a membership to a dating service.
  1. is something we would not buy for ourselves
  2. that damages the relationship
  3. when you already have one
  4. but the symbolism
  5. when it takes things to the next level
  6. that you have chosen particularly carefully
  7. who gives a vacuum cleaner
  8. is an affirming present
  9. who always has showers
  10. that we select so carefully each year
2 Match the word stems in the left hand column to the suffixes in the right hand column. You can use some of the suffixes with more than one stem.
  1. indecisv-
  2. resent-
  3. hospital-
  4. hero
  5. kind-
  6. intellig-
  7. child-
  8. privat-
  9. develop-
  10. spac-
  11. loy-
  1. -ness
  2. -ion
  3. -ism
  4. -al
  5. -ment
  6. -ish
  7. -ity
  8. -ious
  9. -ent
  10. -ful
  11. -ise
3 Eight of these sentences contain errors. Find them and correct them.
  1. They've risen the life expectancy of people living in the developed world by more than 25 years.
  2. I'm sure our team can win the other team if they really try.
  3. I feel myself rather unwell.
  4. She asked me to call her when I was in Rome but I forgot it.
  5. He paid me a ticket to Madrid.
  6. I know she's got a very irritating voice but she can't help it.
  7. He promised he'd write but I'm still expecting.
  8. Before you close, check that you've got your keys with you.
  9. Thank you so much for the perfume. I love!
  10. My grandfather tells wonderful stories about life when he was a boy.
4 In each sentence circle the correct alternative to complete the sentence.
  1. He seemed to know intuitively attentively that she felt shy and uncomfortable.
  2. When I do my shopping my dog Spot waits neatly patiently outside the supermarket for me.
  3. She cried drastically bitterly when he left.
  4. I want to apologise most sincerely attentively for the mix up about your order.
  5. His hand moved almost imperceptibly intimately until it was touching hers.

Progress check

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option A, B, C or D to fit in the gap.
  1. Negotiators are attempting to the peace treaty that was signed last month.
  2. The artist Magritte apparently great pleasure from simple things like walking his dog.
  3. They are hoping to a magazine devoted to e-commerce early in the new year.
  4. Exposed wires represent a potential fire
  5. You must come to the meeting. Your input is absolutely

Error correction - punctuation and spelling

In most lines of the text below there is a spelling or punctuation error. Find the and correct them. Some lines are correct. Indicate these with a tick (√).


0 Even Even reliatives relatives have trouble and others don't even try to tell them apart
00 but an Australian study has revealed many twins are not just identical , they
000 (√) are 'mirror images' of each other. Adelaide University researchers found many
  1. identical twins were the reverse of each other one right-handed and the other
  2. left-handed, for example. The study also found some identical twins with finger
  3. prints that coresponded on opposite hands and birth marks that were mirrored.
  4. The findings have called into question the tradicional belief that identical twins
  5. tend to be carbon copies of each other. Researchers stumbled upon the discovery
  6. when examining the symmetry of twins' finger prints and teeth. The study suggests
  7. that twinning may ocur as the body is working out what is right and left. Twins
  8. Patrick and Michael Gilbey, aged four, are the spiting image of each other. Yet
  9. they are not exactly the same. Michael, the older of the duo, is right-handed,
  10. while Patrick is left-handed. Their mother, Sally Gilbey, said the twins mirror
  11. tendancies started to show when they began pre-school last year. When they
  12. were born, doctor's were unsure if they were even identical because Michael
  13. had a lower birth wait, but he has since caught up. Ms Gilbey said she has
  14. herd of cases where mirror-image twins have their appendix located on the
  15. opposite side of the body. People always ask me how I can tell the boys apart,
  16. but I don't have a problem unless they are on their own', she said.
7 Eight of these expressions are wrong. Correct them.
  1. like a horse in a china shop
  2. as white as paper
  3. to sleep like a car
  4. like a fish out of water
  5. as cool as a courgette
  6. like a red cloth to a bull
  7. like a bear with a sore paw
  8. as quick as a cheetah
  9. as strong as an ox
  10. as light as a hair
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