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Vocabulary: expressions with wish/correct/incorrect

Wish + SIMPLE PAST - to express a wish about the present
Wish + PAST PERFECT - to express a wish about a past situation
N.B. For a wish about the future, we usually use a modal verb "could" or "would"

Are the sentences correct or incorrect?

  1. I wish I had become a teacher, instead of a secretary.
  2. I wish I studied English more when I was at school.
    incorrect should be 'had studied'
  3. I wish English was easier to learn!
  4. I wish I would win the lottery and become very rich!.
    incorrect should be 'could win'
  5. I wish my children would work harder at school. They're so lazy!
  6. It's Monday morning, but already I wish it was Friday.
  7. I wish the teacher didn't give us so much homework to do today.
    incorrect should be 'hadn't given'
  8. I live in a small house. I wish I would live in a big one.
    incorrect should be 'lived'
  9. I wish I left my boring job and travelled the world, instead of working here.
    incorrect should be 'could leave/travel'
  10. Don't you wish sometimes that you can go back and live your life again?
    incorrect should be 'could'
  11. I drive a polo. It's nice but I wish I would have a Porsche.
    incorrect should be 'had'
  12. You're the best teacher I've ever had. I wish you were my teacher last year as well.
    incorrect should be 'had been'
  13. I don't like these shoes very much. I wish I hadn't bought them.
  14. The weather is awful. I wish it stopped raining.
    incorrect should be 'would stop'
  15. I'd love to live in London. I wish I would live in London.
    incorrect should be 'lived'
  16. He's not arrived yet. I wish he hurried up.
    incorrect should be 'would hurry'
  17. I studied English at school but I never listened to the teacher. I wish I had paid more attention.
    incorrect should be 'paid'
  18. I've no time to see you. I wish you told me you were coming.
    incorrect should be 'had told'
  19. My son always comes home late from school. I wish he came home early for a change.
    incorrect should be 'would come'
  20. I often wish I could stay in bed, instead of getting up to go to work every day.

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