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Writing: notes/messages

Image Read the following notes and messages. Discuss with another student:
  • the purpose/context of each one.
  • Who you imagine is writing to whom.
You are blocking my driveway
Please move ASAP
Jamie Simpson 53 Acasia avenue:
Image Make a list of typical differences between the language in notes and messages and other types of writing.

EXAMPLE: 1 You don't always need to write complete sentences.
Image Abbreviations are often used in notes/messages. What do you think the following abbreviations in bold stand for?
  1. etc.,
  2. PTO
Please ask John for all the details: EG: Time, place, dress code etc.,
So after that we left the party. PTO
Sorry. no hot water
Coffee still OK but Hot
water not very hot.
Engineer called.
Image Put the following information into concise messages.
    • Sandra is married to Mark.
    • locked herself out
    • having coffee with Julie (next door)
    • waiting for Mark

    Write the note Sandra leaves for Mark on the front door of their house.





    • Sarah is Brian's boss
    • not feeling well, going home early
    • wants copy of finished report left on desk
    • will read through first thing tomorrow morning

    Write the note that Sarah leaves on Brian's desk.

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