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The Alphabet

Learn how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet so that you can tell people how to spell your name.
Click on the professors head. He know's he's a right article!
Listen A letter sound B letter sound C letter sound D letter sound E letter sound F letter sound G letter sound H letter sound I letter sound J letter sound K letter sound LMW sound L letter sound M letter sound N letter sound O letter sound P letter sound Q letter sound R letter sound S letter sound T letter sound U letter sound V letter sound W letter sound X letter sound Y letter sound Z letter sound

How do you spell that? - (pronouncing letter names a-z)

Saying the letters in your name is called spelling your name. When we spell words, every letter is important and must be pronounced correctly.

Beginners examples:

Apple, Bee, Cat, Dog, Egg, Fish, Girl, House, India, July, Kitchen, Like, Moon, Nobody, Only, Prize, Queen, Rabbit, Spring, Television, Under, Very, Welcome, eXtra, You, Zoo

Advanced examples:

  1. axe, Benjamin, choir, dermatologist, existentialist, funny, gigantic, honest, indigo, Jupiter, kingfisher, London, Madagascar, neopolitan, octopus, pedantic, query, rhinocerous, stigmatism, terrific, ugly, violin, Wellingtons, xylophone, yacht, zoologist

  2. actually, bouncer, cash, decadent, errand, fidget, grumpy, humungous, international, justice, knowledge, lucky, muscular, nominate, obsession, psychology, quantity, rapid, stomach, tailgate, unwind, vivid, weigh, excellent, youthful, zigzag

  3. anecdote, benchmark, cat, dentist, excommunication, foul, god, headphones, ironic, judge, kangaroo, label, marble, nose, oncologist, planet, quadriceps, romance, snake, track, universe, vast, waterproof, extraordinary, yacht, zebra

  4. appeal, beeline, clarification, daresay, eccentric, fixture, gruesome, headstrong, impartial, jumbo, knackered, lament, mosaic, obligation,

  5. ability, binary, clever, danger, essay*, factory garage*, hesitate, improve, junction, knowledge legacy, marriage, noBEL (novel/northern) *, operate, prepare, queen, refresh, scrap, tattoo, underline vegetarian, warrant, extra, y )east *, zero
  6. apartment bear/bare chorus disaster elementary favourite gorgeous household ingredient justice koala lonliness masterpiece northern opposite papaya quotation racket sacrifice tailor ulimately vaccination waitress xylophone yacht zebra

To learn the letter names, click on the letters. Use these letter names to spell twenty-six words to the other students in class.
Spell one word for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, a-z. If you are listening to the spelling, type the words you hear into the class text chat.

Using Words to help us spell

Sometimes we have to spell our name and other important information without any mistakes.
When we want to be sure that our listener knows which letters we are saying, we can say a sentence using a word that begins with that letter. Eg. My name is George. That's G for Girl, E for Elephant, O for Orange, R for Rabbit, G for Girl and E for Elephant.
We should use well-known two-syllable words to be clear. A short one syllable word may not be clear. Eg. pen can be confused with ben but Penguin is clearer, although Person might be a better word as more people know it.


a A
B b
C c
D d
E e
F f
G g
H h
I i
J j
K k
L l
M m
N n
O o
P p
Q q
R r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z
Spelling with letter names.
Click for a word to spell and then spell it for the other students using letter keywords.
Spelling with letter names

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