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Company Slogans and puns.

"You can believe in Creed"
It's 'as to be ASDA.
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What kind of Business ?

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Walter Redfern (in Puns, Blackwell, London, 1984) succinctly said: "To pun is to treat homonyms as synonyms".
Consider the childrens' riddle: "What's black and white, but read all over? Answer= A newspaper.
Does this confirm or disprove Walter Redferns quote?
Read these slogans. Which contain puns? Can you understand the puns?
For each slogan explain any puns, double meanings or other techniques that have been used.
Company Slogan Explanation
Thomas Cook (Holiday Company) Don't just book it. Thomas Cook it
Orange (Telecoms) The future is bright with orange
GoDaddy (Web Hosting) The web is your domain
Spitfire (Shepherd Neame beer) The bottle of Britain
Euroline transport Straight to the point
Cambridge Dictionaries The first and last word
Saatchi and Saatchi. Labour is not working (Dole queue)
Kit Kat Have a break, have a kit-kat.
Moss Security Alarmed? You should be.
Wyborowa Vodka Enjoyed for centuries straight.
pioneer Everything you hear is true
The Economist For top laps
Range Rover It's how the smooth take the rough
Holiday Inn pleasing people the world over
Casio precisely what you're looking for
Weight Watchers Frozen Meals: Taste. Not
Northern Telecom Technology the world calls on
Zanussi The appliance of science.
Lea & perrins The Worcester Saucere
Bendix Appliances We'll do the homework
Flowers Fine Ales Always pick Flowers
Finish Detergent Brilliant cleaning starts with Finish
British Steel British Steel: British mettle.
First National Bank of Chicago First relationships last
Kenco Really Rich Coffee Get Rich quick
St. Ivel Shape Yogurt Get your family into Shape, without them even noticing
Kodak Gold Is your film as good as Gold?
Asda It 'asda be Asda (It has to be Asda)
HMV No HMV, no video
Ritz Crackers Nothing fitz like a Ritz
John Deere Tractors Nothing runs like a Deere
Mumm's Champagne One word captures the moment. Mumm's the word.
Money Magazine Reap the rewards of Money
Red Star Send your parcels Red Star and pull out all the stops (Red Star uses the rail network)
Tetley Tea Tetley make teabags make tea
Tic Tac Candy Tic Tac. Surely the best tactic.
Impulse Deodorant You just can't help acting on Impulse.

Slogans and company names with puns.

1 Example Business Names

2 Great business names

Look through these business names and guess what business they are in. Some are hairdressers, at least one is a fish and chip shop.
  1. Grate expectations
    Login please   ____________   X
  2. Tacks haven
    Login please   ____________   X
  3. The last drop Inn
    Login please   ____________   X
  4. A cut above
    Login please   ____________   X
  5. The Cod Father
    Login please   ____________   X
  6. Crehairtive
    Login please   ____________   X
  7. Blade Runner
    Login please   ____________   X
  8. With Ewe in Mind
    Login please   ____________   X
  9. What Ales You
    Login please   ____________   X
  10. The Mane Concern
    Login please   ____________   X
  11. The Old Spokes Home
    Login please   ____________   X
  12. Sew'in' Love
    Login please   ____________   X
  13. The permanent Solution
    Login please   ____________   X
  14. Full of Beans - Coffee shop
  15. Curl up and Dye - hairdressers
  16. Seymour Clearly - opticians
  17. Jack the Stripper - decorators

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