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Questions of Interview: 1. Tell me about yourself? I have over 10 years of extensive work experience in various aspects of Information Technology and Telecommunications. My last position is Network engineer, my main job duties included: 1)planned ,implemented and maintained network systems and resources; 2)designed and reconfigured the IT infrastructure and existing data centers; 3) performed network troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose network problems for core network elements; 4)provided technical analysis and recommendations to engineering, enterprise network and vendors to ensure smooth delivery and implementation of enhancements . continuously assessed the system and performance and offered recommendations regularly for optimizing infrastructure; 5)maintained documentation regarding all IT infrastructure activities, updates and procedures; reported malfunctions and completed report forms as required; 6)contributed to technical proposals, specifications, requirements and design documents; 7)provided support for system administration and technical support team. I’m an easy going person that works well with everyone. I always like to challenge myself to improve at everything I do. I am here looking for a position as a Network Engineer position, and I believe my technical skills will bring value to your company. 2. What are your most significant strengths? I've always been a great team player. I'm good at keeping a team together and having the work done on time. I am a reliable person. I have experience many projects In CHINA UNICOM, I have experience the VOIP project, in this project I learned many things, like VMWARE and the other thing, like how should I be a great team player, how should I be get along with the others in a team and how should I work done on time. In CHINA NETCOM, I have experience the MPLS extend project. 3. What are your most significant weaknesses? I am not a native English speaker. I know this is only a temporary problem. I'm definitely studying hard to communicate more effectively.I go to church once a week to practice and improve my English. 4. What do you like or dislike most about your last position? I like my last position. I enjoy being around different types of people and I like to always challenge myself to improve at everything I do. But my son is in grade 10 now, our family has decided to settle down in Toronto, so I have to leave my last position and look for a job here. 5. Have you done this type of work before? For Network Engineer: Yes, I have installed and configured some kinds of network device such as router /switch access authentication gateway for some group customers such as CHINA UNICOM. For IT support: Yes, my first job was an IT support technician. I worked as a telecommunication engineer to help other branch company to install their application, solve the software problem such as how to install their software. 6. Why should we hire you? I match the skills quite well. I live in locally, I would stay on this position for a long time. I have the solid background and experience for this position. I'm a great team player that gets along with everyone. I am a quick learner and I am easily adaptable to new environments and I can adjust myself as I had so many experiences in the past. If I am hired I will improve my skills and update some relevant certificates for future promotion. 7. What did you learn about yourself in your last job? My last job was an excellent learning opportunity and I developed my skills and experience in numerous different ways. While I already had strong IT skills, I didn’t have any previous experience of WIFI. When my employer introduced a new solution of WIFI for group customers they gave me the opportunity to undertake additional training so as to be able to work effectively with this. I was then able to put this training into regularly practice and I am now extremely adept at using the package. I also learned a great deal about handling customers. 8. Where do you see yourself in five years? I am driven to be the best at what I do and I want to work somewhere where I’ll have opportunities to develop my skills, take on interesting projects, and work with people I can really learn from. I am planning to update some relevant certificates step by step for future promotion. 9. What do you know about our company? I have done some research on your company. 10. What is your expected salary? I am interested in finding a job that is suit for me where I can build a career here. I am prepared to negotiate the salary. 11. Any questions for me? What and when are the next steps in the interview process? Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?
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