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Adjective Practice

A set of multiple-choice questions about adjectives
  1. Her mother hated living all
  2. The firemen had to carry the   children to safety.
  3. The salvage teams watched the   wreck from the shore.
  4. They can't get to sleep. They're wide
  5. I think I can smell a/an   cigarette in the room.
  6. It's a/an concert, coming to you via satellite from Rome.
  7. Flies buzzed in through the door.
  8. As soon as we're ,we'll sail to France.
  9. Scientists use rats because they are  to small changes.
  10. The tourists are   due to the lateness of the bus.
  11. The magician was and the guests were laughing.
  12. When they arrived the museum was closed and the guide was
  13. We find both the quality and the price
  14. We are sending two samples especially for their ability to withstand high temperatures.
  15. My family has been very and has supported me all the time.

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