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Adjective Types

When we use more than one adjective, we usually use a word order depending on the adjective type. Opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material and purpose.
Leon drives a beautiful red French car
  1. Opinion An opinion adjective explains what you think about something (other people may not agree with you). Examples:
    silly, beautiful, horrible, difficult
  2. Size A size adjective, of course, tells you how big or small something is. Examples:
    large, tiny, enormous, little
  3. Age An age adjective tells you how young or old something or someone is. Examples:
    ancient, new, young, old
  4. Shape A shape adjective describes the shape of something. Examples:
    square, round, flat, rectangular
  5. Colour A colour adjective, of course, describes the colour of something. Examples:
    blue, pink, reddish, grey
  6. Origin An origin adjective describes where something comes from. Examples:
    French, lunar, American, eastern, Greek
  7. MaterialA material adjective describes what something is made from. Examples:
    wooden, metal, cotton, paper
  8. purpose A purpose
    adjective describes what something is used for. These adjectives often end with "-ing". Examples:
    sleeping (as in "sleeping bag"), roasting (as in "roasting tin")
    This comes right before the noun because it really is part of the noun. Like a compound noun.

Adjectives used to compare things

We often use adjectives to compare things Some adjectives are absolute and so we can only classify things but not compare things. Eg: unique, ultraviolet, biological. We can't say that something is more unique than another thing. Either something is unique or it isn't.

Some adjectives are extreme adjectives. With these adjectives we don't use very. Eg: Huge (Not Very huge). This is because Huge=Very big.

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