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Sounds in Words


Which vowel sound, "owl" or "phone" ?

Say these words. Click the correct -ow- sound. to receive applause. If you are wrong then a famous dog will laugh at you.


Listen audio


Listen audio




  1. cow
    Listen Listen
  2. how
    Listen Listen
  3. row (A row of apple trees) Listen Listen
  4. row (I had a row with my wife) Listen Listen
  5. power
    Listen Listen
  6. brown
    Listen Listen
  7. now Listen Listen
  8. tow (tow truck) Listen Listen
  9. owe (You owe me a favour) Listen Listen
  10. clown Listen Listen
  11. town Listen Listen
Read these words and match them with one of these sounds
  1. cake
  2. stamp
  3. wall
  4. arrive
  5. party
  6. actor
  7. glasses
  8. umbrella
  9. awful
  10. rain
  11. fantastic
  12. talk
  13. talk
  14. father
  15. day
  16. central
  1. /TRAIN phone
  2. /CAT phone
  3. /HORSE phone
  4. /CAR phone
  5. /COMPUTER phone
Read these sentences and put the words into sound sets.
How many different sets can you make with these words. to check.
  1. Look at the boot on my foot.
  2. The poor fool goes to school with a balloon
  3. He took a book to proofread by the cool pool
  4. The cook took a tool to the zoo too soon
  5. The woollen door fell to the floor
  6. soon there will be a flood so please give blood
Beware of the word "cooperate" !
  1. /BOOT phone
  2. /HORSE phone
  3. /UP phone
  4. /BULL phone
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