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Bear / Bare.

This is an example word analysis Students should work on their own word analysis with their teacher here. A word analysis can be ongoing. Read the comments to see what your friends suggest, then add more and more to your word analysis page. Bare one’s soul The house was stripped back to its bare bones The top revealed a bare midriff
Whereas bear (as well as those big furry things) means to carry or transport, to show a feeling, to have a name, to give birth, to produce fruit or flowers, to support weight, to go in a certain direction, to show patience and to aim a gun.
Can you bear with me a moment? At the next turning bear right To bear the cost He’ll bear the scars for years Will it bear the weight? She’ll bear the brunt of that Bear down I think it will bear fruit every year They’ve been ordered to bear arms I’ll bear that in mind
Bears are a bore. Thus, “I bore it in mind” -> “I’ll bear it in mind”. Of course, it only works if you remember which spelling applies to the big furry-growly things…

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