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Course Reports

A menu of course reports for tutors and students. Some reports have a front end form for selection criteria. You can use this to select only exercises from a specific course or to list only the information that you choose. VIEW FORM course-report-selection.

All course reports should be added here as a common place to find them

All links must use the link manager !!

Top Level List of Courses

Top Level - All Courses
This is the main top level entry point into all our course data. You can drill down from here and find whatever you want and then use various links to maintenance forms and reports etc.,

Click "toggole view" to open a report section

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Course Tables Info

All JOINS are via auto generated ID columns and columns named hid, qid, eid ,cid
Database integrity can be checked and tables maintained using the broken join reports. Some columns in the listings can be used as links to maintenance forms to fix the data.


Column Description
qquestion Not a JOIN column - Often set be pages to a numeric sequence. This was used to JOIN to the other course tables but may soon be DEPRECATED
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